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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message
20.10.2010 : Brindavan

A few telugu speaking people in Delhi heard about Nanna and came to Brindavan for his darshan. In course of conversation, Nanna was surprised to know there were so many telugu speaking people in Delhi.

As such Nanna's prime motto is to speak about Radhaji. When anyone shows interest to know more about Mother, he speaks with more joy and vigour.

" I never knew that there were so many telugu speaking people in Delhi. I feel as if I am in a new country. Since you all have come here, I feel like telling you something. I shall tell you about Radhaji. The sole reason for my present state of life is Radhaji. I moved for 11 years in this forest and realized the secret that Radha is the embodiment of an unique, extra ordinary transcendental power. Almost everyone in Brindavan knows about Radha. "

" 1) Who is Sri Radha? "

" 2) Why did She come to this world? "

" 3) What is the relationship between Radha and Krishna? "

" 4) How to make Her appear in your spiritual practice? "

" I will tell you about these four topics. "

" I have gone through the Vedas in detail. If I could not read, I called the experts in Vedas and wrote the relevant Vedas in Telugu. I have included them in the 3rd Volume of Brindavaneswari Sri Radha in the Chapter titled 'Sri Radha in the Vedas'. I shall tell you some points now. "

" One of the verses in Vedas is related to Radha. 'Anadyoyam purusha eka evasti' "

" Since time immemorial, a divine man with no beginning existed in the world. He is knows as God. He is addressed by different names, in different languages. But God is one. "

" 'Tadekam roopam dwidha vidhaya sarvan rasan samaharathi' - "

" 'Tadekam roopam dwidha vidhaya sarvan rasan samaharathi' - "

" The Vedas say that one God thought 'I have so many rasas within me, so many incredible powers within me. It is my duty to reveal them and hand them to the world. I will do this through Mahaleelas.' "

" 'Swayameva najika roopam vidhaya' - "

" 'Leela is not possible with only one person. Atleast two are needed to enact a play. So let me become into two because I can't do anything alone.' He willed that he as 'one' would become 'two'. 'Swayameva najika roopam vidhaya'. ' I am only one. If one must become two I must take that decision. Who else can fit that role? So, there is no other way except that I become two parts from within. I alone must become both. Earlier I was a man. Now I need the form of sakthi. A single man cannot do anything without sakthi. Even if the man is very great, he needs the help of Sakthi. So I shall extract all the power within me and make it my partner in this play. Swayameva nayika roopam - I am the lead actor for this Maha leela. Now I need a leading actress. Where is she? I must become that leading lady.' "

" Since there is only one person, Krishna, he only transformed into the leading lady! Listen carefully who is Radha! "

" 'Tam Radham rasikanandam vedavido vedanti' - All the Vedas and learned sages contemplated on who this second person is. She is infinitely spreading everywhere with neither beginning nor end. "

" Then they assumed that she must be 'Ra..dha'. There are many reasons for their assumption that She is Radha. "

" 'Krishnena aradhyate iti Radha' - She is Radha because She is worshipped (Aradhana) by Krishna. Krishna is not an ordinary person. As She was worshipped by God, the Supreme power of love was known as Radha. "

" Vedavyasa wrote: 'Etasyamsaha kalaha krishnastu Bhagawan Swayam' "

" In Krishnavatar, God came down in the same form as he exists in his world, without any change. That swayambhu avatar is worshipping a sakthi. How great. That's why that power is called Radha. She is Radha because of Krishna's 'Aradhana'. There are some more reasons behind this name. She has not been named so by anyone, She gained this name due to Her power. "

" 'Radhnotli sakalan Kaman tasmat Radheti Kirtita' "

" There is nothing that She cannot do! There are things that Krishna can't do but nothing that the Sakthi can't do. Not even a single thing! 'Radhanotli Sakalam Kaman' - She can accomplish everything. 'Radhinchuta' literally means, being able to accomplish. That's why she is Radha. The name Radha is only due to Her powers! There are instances in the Holy Scriptures to affirm this fact. She accomplished something that nobody else could. I will narrate a story to explain this. "

" King Daksha, the father of Sati Devi performed a Yagya. All the Gods from the astral world came down to participate in this ceremony. Even Brahma and others were present. Such is his greatness. Sati Devi told her husband Shiva 'My father is performing a yagnya. Everyone on earth is present there. Gods from all worlds are on their way. I am the eldest daughter. I must also be present on this occasion. I want to go there'. Shiva said, 'I cant live even for a split second without you. Unable to bear the separation from you when we have two bodies, I united us into one body. I am 'Arthanareeswara' with the same body for us both. I have such intense love for you. If you go near your father now, you cannot return safely. I can see the past, present and future before my eyes. Your father is my enemy. I don't harm anyone; infact I always support mankind. When the poison evolved from the sea, no one knew what to do. If the poison were thrown upwards, it would destroy the worlds above; if it were taken inside, the worlds below would be burnt to ashes. The situation was such that the poison could neither be sent above nor below. Everyone gave up their efforts saying that they were not able to absorb the poison. Then I told you and sealed the poison in my throat. Since the poison is in my throat even now, I am Neelakanta - the blue throated one. So there is no one who loves the human beings more than I do. Yet, your father developed animosity towards me due to jealousy. I have name and fame. Innumerable people worship me. I have temples in all worlds. This made him jealous. So please do not go there. You are very sensitive. You will not be able to bear any insult. You cannot accept if any harm comes to me; you will die immediately. I plead with you not to go'. "

" Parvati did not listen to him. 'I am hearing so much about the event. I too want to participate; please permit me to leave'. Shiva did not agree; yet she left. When the Yagya was nearing completion, the sages told Daksha that only one activity was remaining: giving havissu (offering of the yagya). 'This is normally first given to the great ones and elderly persons. The greatest person in all 14 worlds is none other than Shiva. So we shall offer to him. We shall invite him here'. Daksha was annoyed. 'He is a wicked man. I don't agree to offer him, let it be handed over to the others present here.' Parvati heard these words and said 'Shiva is my husband. I can't explain his greatness. If he would not retain the poison in his throat, the entire creation would have burnt down, such is his love for mankind. You hate such a person. You are a sinner. This body of mine, which is born to a sinner like you is also. I cannot allow my pious husband to touch this sinful body. I cannot go back to him. So I am burning myself here, right now.' She created fire from her eyes (as written by Vyasa) and burnt in that fire. When she was burnt, Shiva knew of this. 'You vile person, she is your daughter; a great loving person. You have burnt her consciously. If you do not return my wife within 40 days, I will burn all the 14 worlds. This is my oath on my third eye. It will happen without fail. There will no more creation'. "

" Mother Earth approached Lord Vishnu and apprised him of the situation.'All the worlds will soon be burnt to ashes. Kindly bring back Parvati Devi.' He said, 'I don't have the power to do so. I don't know which world she is in. I can't do it.' They approached Lord Narayana. He also admitted his inability to locate her. Then Goloka Krishna was approached. He said, 'This is possible only by one power. I know where She is. But, I don't have the right to touch that Adi Parasakthi! I know Her mantra. It is known as 'Shadakshari maha Mantra.' It is highly powerful. I will give you that powerful Maha mantra.' Lord Shiva came near Krishna. "

" 'Mahadeva, accept this mantra and do penance in the Himalayas. The Adi Parashakti will come near you. She is 'Radha! The Vedas say She is 'sada Dwada Varshiya' Even after any number of ages, She is always 12 years old. Millions of years may pass; She will still be only a 12 year old girl! The 12 year old girl will come near you. Your wife is in Her care. So you must pray to Her.' "

" Shiva accepted the mantra from Krishna, did penance, prayed to Radha and She appeared before him. The rest of the story is not our interest (in this context). "

" This work could not be done by anybody, Maha Vishnu, Narayana or Goloka Krishna. 'Radhnoti Sakalan Kaman tasmat Radheti Keertita'. All works-big or small, however difficult can be accomplished by Her! There is nothing that Radha cannot do, nothing! If Shiva could get his wife back, it is only due to Radha. She is so great! She is the supreme Goddess who could make even Lord Shiva chant Her mantra. Parvati came back only the grace of Radha. Such is Her greatness! "

" 'Krishnena Aradhyate iti Radha'. The Vedas said, as She was constantly worshipped by Krishna, the Maha Sakti became Radha from his Aradhana. Radha who is worshipped even by God is not an ordinary Goddess. That too worshipped by Lord Krishna himself-the complete avatara. Such an embodiment of totality worships Radha. I have proved this to the Mahatmas in Brindavan. They agreed with me. Radha is several times greater than Krishna. He worships Her daily. This is an accepted fact now. Such a powerful Radha is present in this house Ashram. "

" A strange incident occurred about 400 years ago. Chaitanya Maha Prabhu's son Sanatana Goswami was returning after bath in River Yamuna. He heard the tune of a flute. He wondered how the flute appeared in this place. He saw little Krishna playing in this very area with his friends. Sanatana Goswami bowed before Krishna and said, 'My Lord! You are present here!'. Krishna said, 'In future, Radha Devi whom I worship will be shining in this place. Several people will visit this place in future. I came to give this message' and disappeared. In this room where you are now sitting, seven Bhagawata Saptahas were conducted. Hence, this is not an ordinary place. I did not come here due to my own will power. Mother appeared in my dream and directed me to this place. This is a doctor's house. She told me that the doctor would leave and I must take the house. That's how we occupied this ashram. "

We all know by experience that Nanna's ashram in Brindavan is not an ordinary Kshetra. Now, Nanna told us about the holy value of this place. Child Krishna declared that his deity Radhaji would move in this place here. From this, we can understand what an extraordinary Rasa kshetra Nanna's ashram is!

" Ever since we came to this ashram, several leelas that cannot be comprehended by human mind took place. That's why many people come here from so many different places. Listen to one point carefully. Till date, no human being could do such leela on earth. Mother is doing that through me. I am reiterating that nobody on earth can do so. The supreme Mother is doing that leela by taking me as Her instrument. Now, I shall narrate that leela. It was Radhshtami, Mother's birthday. Mother is born at 5 a.m. Her birth is mentioned in all religious literature such as Padma Purnana. She descended on earth directly from the sky as a 3 year old girl. She has no parents. The three year old girl in this photo (pointing to Mother's photo) has immense power. Krishna worships this power, this 3 year old girl. Such is Her power. "

" I was arranging buses for 350 people to be present at 5 a.m. This is a part of the leela. We wanted to go to Ravali, Her birthplace and have Her darshan there. She descended directly into the lotus in a pond. We wanted to see Her but could not. I did not have food or water for 5 days and prayed for Her in this room. The scriptures say that the power of the idols in the temple is less. I don't want that power. It is 5000 years since You came to earth! I have not seen Your appearance as a 3 year old girl. Infact, nobody has seen you. I want that form. Please grant me a vision of that form in Bhava Samadhi. I will get a portrait of that form drawn. I will worship that form and show it to the whole world.' Then Mother showed this form, not only to me but also to the artist who drew this. He is a great artist who won President's Award. I called him here. She showed Her form to both of us for just 2-3 minutes. When he confirmed that he saw Her, She disappeared. This photo is that same form. Sometimes the swing moves on its own even when the photo is not there. This room is filled with fragrance. Fragrance emanates from the swing. I have installed that form in my heart for worship. I have no other place of worship. One can inhale the fragrance from the swing and also from Mother's cot. Mother is the temple. My heart is the temple. That's why fragrance emanates even from my heart. So my Mother is certainly present here! Then, what about Krishna? We don't need Krishna separately; he is present within Her. Once when some scholars from Orissa came to our Ashram, they saw Krishna in the form of a little boy coming out of that photo rotating like a wheel. He gave his darshan and again retreated into the photo. So where is Krishna? He is within Mother. We don't need another Krishna. Mother told us that it is not necessary. 'You have seen Me, that is enough; everything is included. Krishna worships me. So whom else can you worship?' Nobody else but Her! That is the divine wisdom here. You have visited this kshetra. You cannot come here unless She orders you. Nobody else can enter here. Mother must permit you to visit Brindavan. Without Her permission, nobody can come here. She is the sovereign of entire Brindavan. All books are named after Her, not Krishna. I have quickly written a book compiling Her leelas very briefly titled 'Raseswari Sri Radha'. Did all of you receive the book? "


" All of you must receive that book. When Brahma was asked to speak about Radha Devi, he said 'My life span is not enough to describe the leelas, opulence, divinity and power of Radha.' Brahma's life span is 12960 hundreds of millions of years. It is beyond our imagination. This life span is not enough to describe Her! This is included in the succeeding books. I wanted to describe the incredible Mother with such a history. "

Nanna once said, 'Only he who has seen Radha has the right to speak about Her.' Brahma stated that even if he tried all through his life, he cannot explain the depth of Her tattwa. But Nanna, the Radhasakhi, the partner in rasa, handed us the depth of Rasa tattwa through books, talks and dhyana. This was possible because the Rasika Mahatma was linked to Mother every moment.

" People do penance to attain God's darshan. In Brindavan, God comes to you even without penance. I told this fact to one of my disciples (Pedda, M.A. Ph D who is the author of one of the books.) He also took mantra from me. He was surprised. 'How can God come without penance?' I said 'It happens in Brindavan, nowhere else. Stay here for 9 days.' He did not include this leela in his book. Strictly speaking, it should have been included. He stayed in this ashram for 9 days. On the 9th day he had a dream in which he saw me sitting in this chair. Since 60 years I am sitting and sleeping only in this chair. I don't use a cot. My penance, my food is in this chair only. He saw that I was asleep in this chair, draped with a blanket. He was standing near me. Two children-a boy and girl were playing in this room. Small children. The girl climbed over the blanket, then dived below the blanket and disappeared into me. The boy also crept into the blanket from the other side and covered himself. He saw that there was a blanket over me and the two children are at my side. When he saw that scene, he began to weep. He awoke weeping. I said, 'there is no penance. How did you have this vision without penance? So there is no need for penance. Lower Gods need penance, not Her! She will grant whatever She wishes. You will write many books in future.' He attained the aptitude to write books. It costs a lot to print these books. When he said he did not have the money; I assured him that She would make the arrangement. At that time a chartered Accountant in Guntur came forward to pay any amount for a book on Nannagaru to be printed. That's how the book Rasayogi was ready. These books are not for sale. All my books should be distributed free of cost. All books, all services should not be charged. We are giving this book free because neither Mother nor we are for sale. "

" I will narrate one great leela. This chair is my dhyana kshetra. I am always doing dhyana in this chair. I will tell you about my dhyana later. I will be in dhyana, deep meditation for 18 hours per day. I allocated the remaining 6 hours for other activities. By doing penance in this way, Mother gave me an assurance. Accordingly, I expressed my desire before Her. She granted my desire. As far as I know, nobody on earth expressed such a desire. She also granted that boon only to me, nobody else. Now, I shall tell you about the boon! "

" Mother's birthday, so many celebrations..I distribute laddus to atleast 1000 people. Some thousand people attend the ceremonial procession on that day. We have band music; crackers from Hyderabad; devotees from all villages doing bhajan---- We arrange food for all the devotees who participate in this function. Savories, sweets and curd are served. The expenditure incurred for this festival is Rs.1.1 lakhs. I took a vow that I will celebrate this festival every year. Listen carefully. Everyone cannot make such a promise; even if he does, he cannot implement it. Each and every year, till the end of Kali Yuga, I will celebrate Mother's function in this same grandeur. I want the function to continue whether I will be here or not. I started a registered society. The money will be under the control of the society. The second promise, I don't ask anybody anything. I will not ask a penny from any human being. Even without my asking, Mother will arrange the money! I will celebrate the function with that money. Since two years, She is arranging the money and the function is going on----- "

Nanna said, 'I will not ask a penny from any human being. She will arrange for it. Till the end of Kali Yuga, I will celebrate Her festival in the same grandeur!' Who can make such a liberal promise? How many can implement such a promise? But, Nanna is Radhasakhi; the intimate confidential Sakhi! Mother, whose main intention is to uplift human beings, made such a promise take a tangible form. We are enjoying the sweetness of those efforts.

Nanna continued:

" The cook will be paid Rs.500/- per day. His two assistants will be paid Rs.150 each. That is the scale on which the function will be celebrated! He is the best cook. He will come here and personally cook for everybody. "

" Rasa will be enacted for 3 days to enlighten people on 'Who is Radha?' Fateh Krishna will arrange this rasa leela. It will be so superb that thousands of people assemble to see this Rasa. The play includes the incident of Mother's birth. All this will cost us about Rs.1.05 lakh-food for 300-400 people; laddoos for 1000 Sadhus, Rasa for 3 days; extravagant procession. I will not ask anyone for money. Whether someone gives or not, the function must be celebrated. It is happening so! It must continue till the end of kali yuga, it will! People travel from long distances to be present on that day-by train, taxi, carts. All guest houses will be fully booked. Serving food as per time; the main priest in Banke Biharji temple and Puri Jagannath temple came to see me as the mahatma from A.P. who is celebrating a festival related to Radha. So far, nobody arranged such a festival in Brindavan. Many rich industrialists including Dalmia came to see me. When they asked me what I wanted I said 'what can you give me? You cannot take food (Prasad) and leave. If you want to give anything, offer to Mother before you leave. I don't ask anything! We don't ask anybody. There is no need to ask. Our Mother is here. I pray that you too must live with such confidence. "

" I have another ashram in Guntur which is bigger than this in Brindavan. I was sitting in my room writing the 3rd volume of Brindavaneswari Sri Radha. It was peak summer. There was a power cut. I was sweating profusely. That time, somebody came to see me. Later, I came to know that he is a millionaire. I never saw him before. He came in and said, 'how are you writing the book like this? You are sweating. Why don't you write tomorrow?' I said, 'this can't wait till tomorrow. I must write tonight. The book must be completed. I don't bother about this sweating. This will not deter me?' Immediately, he called an electrician and fitted the Air Conditioner. He is Rayapati Subba Rao. He has heaps of wealth and property. I never knew anything of this. They specially invited me to celebrate my 100th birthday. "

" So, how did my room get converted into A.C. by 8.30 p.m.? Whose thought is this? Not mine. Only Mother! In this way, She arranges whatever we need. I understand that somebody asked whether any vegetables are required for the function. Anjani amma said 'what will you give? We don't need your money. You need not give; She will give everything.' You did not come here on your own will. This is the truth. Do believe me. You came because my Mother's willed so. I must give you Mother's divine message. That is why She called you here. That's why you came here! "

" The book 'Rasa Yogi' mentions one leela regarding Ananta Krishna. He holds a Ph.D from American University. He is a bright engineer. Once he met with a car accident. From that second onwards, he suffered with unbearable head ache. He gave me a list of the biggest leading doctors in America whom he consulted. They gave in writing that 'This is incurable.' There is no alternative. He thought that it is better to end his life if there is no cure for the pain; for the continuous suffering. I want to tell you how Mother chooses Her people. She is all pervading. She is present in all worlds. The athmic vibrations from within me touched him and the incurable was cured. He is healthy now. "

Nanna explained what an incredible power Radha is! Nothing is impossible for Her. Nothing is impossible for Nanna, the attribute of sweetness of Sri Radha's love. The incidents mentioned by Nanna in this talk are just few examples.

The next day, Nanna spoke about the all-pervading nature of Radha.

" Don't define the indefinable. Vedas said nobody could reach it. The Vedas gave up because it could not be reached (understood). 'yato vacho nivartante aprapya manasa saha' __ it is beyond words and mind. Because it is 'Tattwataha'. Even Krishna stopped at that level. He didn't delve deep into the tattwa. He said 'Her qualities and power are hundred -fold greater than mine.' Radha's intellect is so many times superior to Krishna's. Infact, he does not even know how much! "

Nanna told me to read the lines referring to this context:

'I am Sacchidananda Swaroopa. The rays of joy emerging from me are spread in all the worlds. Others derive joy from these rays whereas none other than Radha gives me joy.'

" We cannot give happiness to Krishna. If we can't give Krishna happiness, then how can we give Radha? This is the point I want to stress. "

'The scriptures state that I am endowed with divine nature. But, Sri Radha's divinity is glowing with several folds greater lusture than mine.

" Here Krishna is referring to his qualities. The scriptures endorse that he has infinite powers. She has much more than that! How much? Nobody knows how much. Indefinable! He is not defining. Indefinable! He only said much more, so much more..This means 'Tattwataha' is indefinable. "

The music of my flute attracts all living beings. But, I don't derive much pleasure from this flute. When Sri Radha Devi sweetly smiles and calls 'kannayya', it is above the music of the flute.

" Antarvahini - inner flow. Antarvani-inner voice. One new person came to see me and converted the room to A.C. within no time. He gave Rs.20000 just like that. Who is he? Who prompted him to do so? Why should he pay Rs.20000 for that? In what way is he interested in converting this into AC room? Indefinable! Some invisible figure! She gave him an intuition. That is what intuition means! "

'Can we call it inner voice, Nanna?'

" There is no name for that; its only intuition. "

'Nanna, that day a Professor asked you whether an inner voice is heard in you..'

" He had a doubt. He did not feel my words and speech as ordinary. He felt something extra ordinary! That's why he asked me like that. I told him that there could be an inner voice. "

Nanna was silent for sometime.

" The books are bringing down Mother's stature. I feel it would have better without the books. "

I read out:

'Nannagaru introduced a unique path of worship to South India-Rasopasana. (Worship of Rasa)'

Suddenly the topic shifted to what happens after death.

" The dead person remains in coma for 10 days, but without a body. After the Vaikunta Samaradhana (religious ceremonies) is performed in this world, he descends from that state. From then onwards, their desires multiply. "

'Nanna, do they descend or ascend?'

" They descend. That's why the relatives and friends of the deceased leave silently without telling anybody after the ceremony on the 10th day. They fear that the dead will follow them. "

" They may be pleasure seekers or enemies. They may follow somebody. That's why everybody leaves early without informing anyone. This practice continues even now. "

" The dead are descending along with some others in the same state. Initially they are in coma. When they are out of the coma state, they may go anywhere, catch anyone and do anything. That is a 'danger period'. "

Again the topic changed suddenly.

" Did you write that Purushottam Dasji said? "

'Yes Nanna!'

" Did you write that he offered a saree.. "

'Yes Nanna'.

" In Vijayawada.. "

'No we did not include this incident'.

'This has already been covered earlier, Let us not repeat it'. Anjani Amma said.

'That's why it was not included.'

" Mother came near me and asked, 'Who are you?' I said, 'I am a 11 year old girl.' This must be included in the book. "

While speaking about the supremacy of Mother, Nanna mentioned about the Mahatmas recognizing him as Radhasakhi and respecting him. He also told us about Radhaji Herself coming near him, asking who he is and declaring the truth that he is Her Sakhi!. By this, Nanna unobtrusively revealed that Sri Radha and Sri Radhasakhi also occupy supreme positions.

Nanna then, spoke about the natural love, which should exist among human beings.

" There is a custom in Christianity. All of them sit in a circle and share the common food. Prophet Mohammed said that when people share food, an affectionate love is born. We have 20 sects & castes! Bhagawad Gita mentions only 4 castes. 'Chaturvarnyam maya srishtam guna karma vibhagasha'. These 4 have multiplied into 400! This is the first drawback in our religion. Castes have split caste! Previously there were only 4 castes; now they have unnecessarily increased. This is detestable. People of different castes fight against each other. They don't marry each other, don't eat the others food. Due to this division, the world is being split into so many pieces! "

Talking about Sri Radha's love, Nanna said:

" When Mother is with us, we cannot bear that state; we feel like weeping. The power of rasa is so intense! The eyes of Mother's sakhis are never dry. The sakhis eyes are always moist. In this world, we weep when someone dies or when we face a problem. There is no love in this world. If I take the food eaten by you, I will be ostracized. What is so wrong that he should be eliminated from the society? Christians sit together and eat from the same bowl. "

" I shall keep Rs. 2 lakhs separately. For what shall this money be used? If any child in Mother's family is in trouble, it is my duty to help them. All of you spare some money from your salary and save it in a bank. You can help someone in need with the interest on that money. One girl (not Mother's devotee) had leprosy. How can we ignore her plight? I collected Rs.4000/-. This helped them to some extent. Otherwise they had neither proper food nor clothing. None of us should be below a particular status. "

" The Parsis are very particular that none among them should be poor. If one of them is poor, the others donate at least Rs.1000 each and make him worth lakhs in no time. Within 24 hours, he becomes a lakhier and his business will now run smoothly. The Parsis told this to me. As Mother's children, we too must be united. Not everyday, but when someone is in loss, everyone must come forward to help him. If 30 people contribute Rs. 1000 each, Rs. 30000 can be collected and he can do some business. If you want to contribute this Rs. 1000 you must have some charities fund. You can draw money from this fund. If 1000 people join to form a society, each person would contribute Rs. 1000 to the charities fund. This would make it Rs.10 lakhs! This fund should not be touched. If someone is in deep calamity, his house is burnt, theft in the house... The other day thieves stole everything from Narasimha's house. Nobody helped him. Such a fund should be established to help each other in times of need. "

Nanna is so loving and merciful! He sheds tears when he hears of anybody's troubles. By virtue of his inherent love for man, he suggested to start the charities fund and help one another. He said that all Mother's children should be united.

Nanna asked everyone to come for dhyana yoga classes early in the morning.

" We shall have classes from 6-8 a.m. God is all pervading! If you don't possess this all pervading bhava you are not a devotee of God. Many people claim that they are God, they are Baba... Some 50 devotees flock near them. None of them know anything. Not even a single person! "

" Let us see why we don't possess astral vision. We are not far sighted. Why do we lack contemplation on Mother? Why does the mind oscillate while you contemplate on Her? What is the cause for this? We must understand this clearly. Everyone who comes to me says 'My mind is not stable, it is oscillating, so I am not able to do dhyana. Why does the mind oscillate? If you are able to analyse the reason, you can rectify within 5 days. "

" If you think of any object in the world seriously, it forms an impression on your mirror- like mind. In this way some 1000 - 2000 impressions are formed. When you recall, you will find these impressions right from what you did in your childhood. In this way, the mind that ought to be plain is full of impressions. Someone spoke to you just now, that forms an impression. That means the more you think, more the number of impressions are formed. If you are not involved in any matter, no impressions are formed. The person with Sakshi bhava, with detachment has no impressions one the mind. If we are not detached, if we go out of the way and develop more affinity with someone, move more closely with someone, impressions are certainly formed. These impressions fill the mind. As long as these impressions are present, you cannot see anybody. These impressions must be cleared. We cannot clear them by our self. There is only one way, the universal way, to clear these impressions. I shall tell you about this unique way. As the impressions reduce your sight becomes sharper. You will come near to Radhaji! The thought that 'Mother is near me' becomes more intense. Now Radhaji is present in this photo. She is not a form anymore. That is 'Radha bhava'. Bhava is different; Radha roopa is different. Radha roopa is not desirable. Radha bhava will move us upwards. You must understand this difference. Radha roopa will disappear and Radha bhava appears. There are no impressions in bhava. That's why you must convert form to bhava. "

" Once, you attain Radha bhava the impression is of bhava loka. Each living being has three bodies - prakriti, chinmaya and bhava. Man with the physical body (Prakriti) is reborn again and again in this world due to these impressions. Bhava's body has no impressions. If even a small impression is formed in the bhava body, we begin to weep. If we speak a little, we weep. You will not feel this with the physical body. Devotee Lakshmi who did dhyana yoga has already lost the lower impressions. The body in higher plane is drawing her. So be in bhava body (i.e. be in bhava). If an impression is formed, it will pull you upwards. We need not tell anything. The impressions in both the lower worlds should reduce. Don't think much about anyone in this world. Be detached. This is the essence, the summary of Krishna's Bhagawata. Detatchment! Yesterday, somebody gave me a book on 'Essence of Gita'. Only two sentences are enough to convey the whole message:- "

" The Sadhaka (One who is engaged in spiritual practice) must be detached towards worldly matters. He must develop this habit. Just observe, don't be involved. Only in the case of Mother, you may be involved without any fear. Generally people tend to go deeper into any matter. You will interact with so many people with whom you are not really related - worker, servant.. If you pay more attention and think about them, it forms an impression. That's why I am repeatedly cautioning you. "

" The Sadhaka must yearn for oneness with God and detachment towards this world. Note this on a paper. Detachment towards world; yearning for oneness with God. Yearning for oneness means - You are me and I am you. It is the intense contemplation that 'I can't live without you'. As this continues, it creates an impression of bhava. It is not merely thinking of Her, but contemplating with the bhava that 'Mother is with me. I am seeing Her.' Then the mind will reach bhavaloka and that impression is formed. This is the essence of Gita! Very well said. I am also saying the same point - Be detached towards the world and yearn for oneness with God! In that yearning 'You are I, I am you! I am Radha. Mother is me. I can't stay without Her. After some time, it will become bhava. "

While saying 'Be detached towards the world and yearn for oneness with God! Nanna added I am Radha, Mother is me. Nanna, who is constantly in a state of oneness with Sri Radha, implicity indicated that he and Sri Radha are one and the same.

" The impression of bhava loka pulls us up. Radha bhava is that impression formed in bhava loka. If an impression is really formed in bhava loka, you will weep even if you just think of Mother. You don't need much contemplation. Contemplate on Mother for some time and you have tears in your eyes. Whatever you tell others in this state will have a profound impact on them. He cannot disagree with you. This is the real propagation. We need preaching through bhava not through words. So when you speak about Mother, if you shed tears, it is bhava. The force of bhava is such that it conquers the other person's mind. He keeps recalling your worlds even after he goes home. He dreams of Mother; thoughts of Her keep surfacing in his mind from time to time. This is essential - the first principle of dhyana yoga is being detached towards the world and yearning for oneness with Mother. You must practice this. "

" The second principle - Develop the bhava that 'Mother is near me. Though I cannot see Her, She is really seeing me. I can't see Her, but She can see me.' You cannot see Mother so forget about this aspect. Mother is seeing you. She told me Herself 'You cannot see me. I am seeing you. This is true'. So I am in Her sight as I am talking to you. Though She is all pervading She is watching us affectionately. The important point in Dhyana Yoga is that I am constantly in Mother's sight. Note down this point. Don't give up the thought that you are in Mother's sight even for a moment. Whatever you do, you are in Her sight. There is no interruption in your work. If I watch while you cook, will it get affected? If I watch someone doing some calculations, will his work get affected? Nothing will happen. This is what I am stressing - by establishing a link with Mother, there is no interruption in your job or cooking or any work. "

" You can start implementing these three principles. "

" 1) I am in Mother's sight "

" 2) Mother is within me, watching me. (you can also think that She is externally near you) "

" 3) Don't associate Mother with any form. You must think that formless Mother is watching me. "

" When you feel that Mother is watching me wherever I go; within three months you will begin to weep. You will believe that Mother is truly near you. Then She will pull you. You may have some work; but She will pull you. If someone is against you, he can't remain so because She will pull him also. So the first principle in Dhyana yoga - Formless Mother is watching me. I am in the sight of the formless Mother. She cannot live even for a moment without seeing me. She does not leave us even for a moment, (in an emotional voice). Not even a second I can feel that touch. With that touch, I feel like weeping. As you weep, Mother will come closer. Then you will get bhava in formlessness. Actually bhava is Her roopa. Formlessness is namesake. It is formless as far as the world is concerned. Yet within the formlessness; a bhava is clearly formed. That bhava is Mother. I have reached that stage now. You will have the same feeling that Mother is really near you just as you feel when a close one is near you. You will have a feeling of nearness. That feeling must be attained. Generally the feeling of nearness does not come easily in formlessness. But you must attain this, we can; within three months, you will certainly attain this. Now, as I am speaking to you, She is near me. I am speaking with bhava. That means an impression of bhava that Mother is near me is formed. Once such an impression related to bhava is formed, whom ever you talk to,wherever you are, whatever job you do - everything is mechanical. You will be in oneness with Her. Understand carefully. You continue your job mechanically; but don't consider anything concerning Mother mechanically. You must do that with yearning. There will be a remarkable change in your life. You will derive the strength to love everybody. As these lower impressions decrease and bhava impressions are formed, you will gain power to love everyone. That is how Mother does! Once she noticed that 3 persons without a plate were sent away without being serving food. She came home and wept. When Her father Vrishabhanu Maharaja asked Her why she was crying, she told him that the people who were sent away without food were crying. See how She wept for them! You will gradually develop such a bhava towards everyone. I developed this bhava towards a snake. It's the truth. It was time for the snake to be served food. I quickly got a special cup and filled it with milk. I went near the snake and affectionately addressed it as 'Mother'. I actually addressed in this way. The snake always came out when I called 'Mother'. The all pervading Mother wakes up the snake and brings it near me. Here there are three entities - Mother, me and a third person. Actually whenever I called out Mother twice, the snake came near me. I would not be afraid even if it came out just like that. It would move here and there and then drink the milk from the cup. It never touched me. Sometimes I would feel like touching it and kissing it. Only Yogis will do such things. If it is Mother, it will touch you, it will not harm you. You are afraid, but it will not do anything. Even if you touch it, it will not harm you. It would spend ½ hour drinking milk. It would remain with me for 30 minutes, what if it does something? It will not! Even after death the snake could not give up the affection towards me. It came to me and said 'I told everyone in sarpaloka (snake's world) about you. Don't do anything to a snake even it passes just besides you. It will not harm you.' That's why I am not afraid of snakes. Even if I put my foot forward, it will not harm me. If you move a little further, you will attain bhava deha. "

Speaking about serving coffee in a cup and inviting the snake to drink it, Nanna said 'I felt like kissing it' and 'Yogis do such things: Mother will touch it'. Nanna put the snake in his lap and made it drink coffee. He hugged the snake too, Nanna, the Radha Rasa Yogi could hug the snake. By saying 'Mother will touch it', indicated that he is the attribute of Mother's love.

" One person named Bansal works in telecommunications department, not for India. He is now traveling abroad - to Srilanka, Singapore... He is the head of World delegation. When he came to visit me, he sat down on the floor. He refused to sit in a chair. He was seated on the floor, pressing my feet. Who is he? Who am I ? Leave the spiritual status. On the materialistic front, I am nothing before him. There are 100 contractors before him and every contractor is a lakhier. 100 contractors working under him serve him. Such a person is serving me near my feet in the presence of his wife and daughter. How is he able to do so? Due to bhava! My bhava is reflected in him and is pulling him towards me. So your bhava will reflect and draw him towards you. You must go to your enemy, sit near him; speak to him. Your bhava will overpower him and pull him towards you. Your bhava has the power of overpowering! This is the first lesson. "

" In the first lesson, we learnt in which bhava we must be. This must precede the essence of Gita. You cannot be detached unless you attain the feeling that Mother is watching you. This is the first lesson. Make a note of it. "

Nanna is aware that it is difficult to remain with the family and still be detached. That's why he said, 'You cannot be detached unless you attain the feeling that Mother is watching you'.

Such is the love he has towards mankind. He is aware of our drawbacks. He also knows how difficult it is for ordinary people like ourselves to be detached. That is why he kindly said, 'Firstly feel that Mother is watching me'. When that feeling intensifies, the bhava impression will be stronger and detachment towards the world will follow automatically.

" How many hours in a day can you maintain the feeling that Mother is seeing me. Lakshmi (a devotee) could do so for 10 hours. Once you feel that she is seeing you, you become inattentive towards worldly objects. You become forgetful because no impressions are formed. That's good! Why should you remember this world? That is why I keep asking who you are, that impression is erased. My concentration is not on that impression; it has shifted to Mother. My entire concentration is diverted only towards Mother - She is seeing me. The impressions have no feed. They are fed when you look back at them. You will not recollect them. Your focus is only towards Mother. "

" Are you able to follow?. This is its effect psychologically. "

" Mother is seeing me. Come to me as one being seen by Mother. Don't come as an ordinary person. Come to me as Subbaiah or Lingaiah (any name) who is being seen by her. You are always in Her sight. I am maintaining the feeling that She is seeing me for 16 hours a day. Why can't you maintain for 10 hours? It is not difficult. You need not do any rituals or penance. You can do your job; you can lead a family life. No restrictions. Talk to anyone. Nothing is wrong if you kiss your wife. But remember that Mother is seeing you. Do such an act that can be done while She is watching you. Then you cannot kiss her. Gradually your desire will reduce; anger will reduce; selfishness will reduce. When someone approaches you with some trouble or when someone begs you; since Mother is seeing you, Her bhava is infused into you. She infuses Her bhava into you, so you quickly give them some money. You will not be able to refuse them; infact you will help him affectionately. Though he is a stranger, you will develop an affection for him. You will not tolerate if someone kills a snake or a scorpion. Mother told Krishna - 'My path is love; your path is weapons. In your way, people are slayed to pieces and made into demons. "

" One who remains in dhyana for a long time is called a Dhyana Yogi. You are in the path of Yoga. 'Yoga' means union. Dhyana unites Mother and you. Krishna seeks dhyana. That is Dhyana Yoga. Mother is constantly in that Union. When we feel that She is with us, She can't stay there anymore. She is present there also----- A strange bhave enters out mind. She is here and there also! So if you want Mother to always be near you, do dhyana with this bhava. These japas (reciting name) without concentration are of no use. They do not form any bhava impressions. Out path is different. Mother is with me. Mother, please come closer! When somebody comes to see you, don't talk. At one stage you cannot speak to them. You will have many things that you can't share with your wife, even if she sits beside you. The happiness and the peace that you attain in the bhava that Mother is watching you is much more than when your wife speaks to you. You must develop this bhava. 'I am with Mother. She is seeing me. I cannot live without Her. I will go into solitude'. Lakshmi closed the doors behind her and instructed the maid to inform everyone that she was not at home. She reached such a state that she preferred to be alone. In solitude, the bhava impressions are more clearly formed. It is slower for these impressions to be formed when you are among people. So always prefer to be alone! You must prefer loneliness. This is why every Rishi goes somewhere alone to do penance. In Rishikesh they all prefer to be alone. They don't want to speak to anybody, so they dig a hole in the ground and sit in it. I have seen many people in such pits. They don't speak much. Let's say Mother is calling me. She is watching me. This petty world will obstruct Her view. My mind may get diverted. I must not allow my mind to move towards these trivial matters. I don't want to be among people. If you are alone, Mother's sight is more powerful. Right now, Mother is here, near us. This is the first lesson -'I am in Mother's sight'. Once you are able to attain this feeling, I will tell you the 2nd lesson tomorrow. "

" You must tell me honestly how many hours in a day you are able to maintain the feeling that Mother is watching you. Don't bother how long you could do it, ½ hour, 1 hour. Even if the thought is disturbed, you must regain it. This is the art I leant under the trees in Naimisa forest. "

After telling us in detail how to attain the feeling that Mother is watching us, Nanna wants us to honestly tell him how many hours we would maintain this feeling! That is Nanna's love. He does not stop with just telling what he wants to those who seek his shelter. He observes how much they have understood and absorbed. He literally makes them do rasa dhyana. Can we understand the depth of Nanna's love?

" The Gopikas were always weeping. I too am always weeping. Meera Bai was weeping. Chaitanya was weeping. This is the knowledge! We say Mother, they address by some other name. That's all; let it be so. Mother is always seeing you. You must be a person who is being seen but not the one who is seeing. You must not see; you must be seen. Gradually, the impression that Mother is seeing you will be formed. Her impressions should be abundant. When many impressions are formed, your mind is transformed into a thoughtless mind. "

" Your mind derives four powers in the state of thoughtless mind. Within 6 months, you will slowly get them. I wrote in a book about these four powers. As you feel that Mother is seeing you, other thoughts will not invade your mind. No impressions will form on your mind. Your mind will develop into thoughtless mind. You will not worship in this stage; only contemplation on Mother. 'Mother is seeing me'-this is the only worship. You will positively not worship. In the next stage, you will worship the all-pervading Mother. "

" This Yoga creates thoughtless mind. A thoughtless mind produces Divine Love, Divine Wisdom. When you will develop a thoughtless mind, these trivial thoughts will no longer enter your mind. Your mind will be transformed so much. Infact, this was once the state of our mind. Prior to descending on earth, we all had thoughtless mind. We have invited these impressions our self. "

" With Divine Love, you will not differentiate between a snake or tiger. You will directly move towards a tiger. That is the effect of Divine Love. I'll cite an example. Saint Francis of Assisi attained that state of thoughtless mind. I read a book about him. He is the top most among the Christian saints; next to Jesus Christ. He used to move from village to village and eat whatever was offered to him. When he reached one village, the villagers came to him and appealed 'O Saint, a bear entered this village and is killing the people. Daily 5-6 animals and human beings are being killed. It is time for it to arrive. Please save us as you will possess some power'. He asked when and where it would arrive. He went to the place where they indicated. When they cautioned that it was dangerous to near it, he was not perturbed. When it arrived, he stood in his place, about a mile away from the bear and drew a cross (in the air). He had the Divine in his mind and drew the cross just from where he stood. The wild bear got converted into a tame animal. "

What can we say about Nanna, the embodiment of divine love? Radhaji has infinite love towards human beings. Nanna's love is the same. Just as Sri Radha is infinitely powerful, Radhasakhi is powerful too!


Prem bina Radha Sakhi nahi rahe
Prem sutra ras bandhan mein rahe
Radha roop hi Sri Radha Sakhi
Radha bhava hi Sri Radha Sakhi

Radhasakhi does not exist without the bhava of love. Sakhi exists in this love, the bond of rasa. Sri Radhasakhi is Radha roopa and Radha bhava.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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