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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message
01.12.2000 , Guntur ashram

Krishna attracts and draws man towards Mother's Dham. Sri Radha provides Rasa. Hence Sri Radha is superior to Krishna. This was the topic of Nanna's discussion that day.

" One Mahatma decided to go to the forest for penance. This is the story of Biharji narrated by himself. While he was waiting for the train, a little boy sat beside him, and said, 'I shall also come with you.' Biharji acknowledged him and expressed his happiness that the boy was helping an aged person like him. When the train arrived, both of them got in. The boy asked whether Biharji had a ticket. He replied in the negative. The boy said that there are many ticketless travelers in this world. "

" We are all ticketless travelers. What does this mean? Where are you going? You are a ticketless traveler. Instead of going to the destination, you are traveling elsewhere. Banke Biharji does not like it. You must fix up your goal. What is your spiritual goal? If you have a ticket, your destination is mentioned on it. If you don't have a ticket, you are simply drifting in any direction. Since somebody is moving, you follow him. The divine will show you the right path. It is not correct to choose the path ourself. The railway authority must issue the ticket; we can't earn it on our own. "

" One who travels without a ticket may alight the train anywhere. He has no goal. Similarly, one who moves along the spiritual path without a goal will go on every path he finds and thus, loses valuable time in his life. Nanna is cautioning that it is not correct for us to choose the path. The Guru shows the right path. We don't really know which the right path is! "

" Beeharji and the boy alighted the train in some station. He was hungry. The boy said that an old woman would serve him food. Beeharji went to the woman's house and ate food served by her. Then he asked, 'I must go to Rishikesh'. When she told they were in Brindavan, he thought, 'The boy deceived me. He brought me to Brindavan while I wanted to go to Rishikesh'. When the little boy came he asked him why he brought him in the wrong direction. The boy said 'Do you wish to eat fruits and raw vegetables in Rishikesh and become a Babaji?' "

" All those who go to Rishikesh for penance become Babajis. They attain some siddhis (Powers) and have a few disciples. Is that your goal? That is not your goal! Going to Rishikesh or Haridwar, becoming a Babaji, gaining Siddhis, having disciples - this is not man's goal. The kind and benevolent Banke Beeharji is telling us what is man's goal. "

" 'I will show you your goal. There is a small train in Mathura Station. Go and sit in that train.' Beeharji got into that train and reached Brindavan station. People were speaking in different languages. He was feeling hungry. He was informed that porridge would be served in Mirjapur inn so he reached there. He was standing at the end of the queue. Mother saw him. In fact Krishna is not present in Banke Biharji temple, Mother is present! You must understand who is Banke Biharjee. She said, 'why are you standing so far away? There is no queue for me. Break the queue and come forward.' "

" Queue implies that some people cannot reach Mother until many lives. One need not spend so many lives to reach Her. We can reach Her in this life itself. In this very life, you can go there. "

" Biharjee came forward and She served him food. So it is Mother who gives Rasa, not Krishna. He brings the man to Brindavan. There She is the provider of Rasa, Rasa as in 'Raso Vaisaha' of Vedas. No one can do this except Mother. Not even Krishna! Mother gives Rasa and he gives the vessel. She pours Rasa into the vessel given by him. Even before Biharjee could drink the rasa, She left. He could not see Her anywhere. Then his yearning for Mother was awakened. He was weeping for Her and wandering in Brindavan even now for Her darshan. She is still not found! "

" Krishna takes us till Brindavan. That's all. Thereafter She provides Rasa and disappeasr. Then man weeps and pines for Her. In Dhyana Yoga, you will be weeping. We have not yet come to the Chapter on weeping. "

The divine Duo, Radha & Krishna, who are the embodiment of only one Rasa, have taken separate responsibilities to uplift human beings. Krishna lures the man to Brindavan dham and Radhaji provides Rasa to him. Nanna mentioned this Leela in 'Brindavaneswari Sri Radha Devi - Vol. 2. Once Sri Radha glances our way, the queue of life and death cycle will not exist. She will beckon us near Her and provides Rasa Then the man will yearn for eternal experience in Rasa and weeps for that state. Radha and Krishna, the embodiment of same Rasa have taken two forms. So how can we say who is superior? Nanna explained in this way.

" By form, Radha and Krishna are one (Rasa). But by nature they are different. Radha is the embodiment of Mahabahava."

Somebody told Nanna that all their plans to go to Brindavan were failing. They feared if they would ever visit Brindavan.

" One person started to go to Annavaram (in A.P) but came to Brindavan. He visited our Ashram also. One man started for Rishikesh. My daughter told him that there is nothing in Rishikesh; so he must go to Brindavan. He came to our Ashram. Within few minutes, his heart beat said 'Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe'. He wondered why and how this voice was coming from his heart. So Krishna's duty is to bring man into contact with Mother. Now he gave this person that contact with Mother. Once he gets this contact, he is always weeping for Her. She will disappear. That weeping is an important stage. Through this weeping, your bad Karmas of several lives will get dissolved. You must weep. There is no penance here. Your weeping is your penance. That weeping should be given by Mother. It is very complex. The life and teaching of Banke Biharjee are very highly complex! We don't know how he will take you to Brindavan. Once you reach there, the contact with Mother must be established. She will serve your porridge. Before you can eat this, She will disappear. The man begins weeping for Her. By this weeping, he will slowly reach higher planes. I will tell only this much. This is a real story. "

'Did he stay back in Brindavan?'

" He is not seen later on. He came back. After death, his journey is not known. "

Saying that one can reach a higher place by his weeping, Nanna said, 'I will tell only this much? Nanna surpassed all these planes including 'Para' and is a partner in Sri Radha Rasa. He introduces us to rasa little by little based on our level.

" You only come to Brindavan. He will show you Radhaji and She will take care of the rest. "

Somebody asked about 'Srinathji'.

" Each one retreats to his own dham. You can't see anyone there. You need not see them. You must move on! She will give you the movement. We must hold on to Mother only; your duty is to board the super express train. It will take you to your destination. "

In reply to a question on silence, Nanna said.

" First you must enter God's kingdom. I am maintaining silence for 16 hours per day. I will tell you. I will teach you how to remain in a state of silence for atleast 10 hours minimum, to start with. "

'Since two years I am doing....'

" Don't go in for false pretense. Even if a trace of nature is attached, you will fall. We have desired these worldly appearances and fell. The jeevatma was at a very high plane at one time. Everything pertaining to this world is small. We saw and desired these small objects and became small. Don't forget, you are very small. You have become small because you are meditating on small things. You cannot get the thoughtless mind. First develop thoughtless mind! Thoughts are your worst enemies. It is these thoughts that brought you down here. "Yato Vacho nivartante nprapya manasa saha' - This is the highest vedic term. Either mind or voice - these can never reach that Supreme! So forget both. Don't resort to mind and don't resort to voice. This is known as 'Avagyana gocharaha' - not beyond words and mind! If you hold onto these you, your downfall is certain. It means you are going in a wrong way. "


" Don't have any doubts about this. It is simple common sense. Voice and mind are so feeble. They cannot soar up and reach the Divine. I will tell you about this in detail later. "

'Already you told everything, Nannagaru. Now if when I think of God after listening to you....'

" To think of God is a human paradox. Paradox means mutually conflicting. Thinking and God - there is no connection between the two! Your thinking has no effect on God; so don't think of God. Think of 'Paramatma' Infact, don't think because God is beyond thought! That which is beyond thought cannot be thought of. This is the basic rule. "

'Nannagaru, what about effort?'

" We too must make some kind of effort. "

'But, our effort is silence.....'

" In silence, you are likely face 11 hurdles. If you face even one of the 11 hurdles, you are in danger. It is not as easy as you think. Let me give you an example about these hurdles. Your whole body is made up of 'trigunas' (3 gunas); these 3 modes constitute the body. One of the three modes is Rajoguna. Every atom of your body contains this Rajoguna, which consists of 2 parts. The Bhagwad Gita says 'kama esha krodha esha rajo guna samudhbhavaha'. Kama (desire) and Krodha (anger) together form rajoguna. This rajoguna is present in every part of your body. That's why when maharshi's do penance, the Rajoguna surfaces at some stage or other. Then they succumb to desire. Lord Shiva is so great. He also became desirous! The same happened to Maharshi Saubhari and even Brahma. Such great people fell a prey to desire. Such rajoguna is present in your body. "

'That is foreign matter...' he interrupted.

" In that case, you must be more careful. Otherwise you will be exposed to this danger. You are not greater than Shiva, Brahma or Saubhari. They fell mercilessly. This is only of the 11 hurdles. There are still 10 such hurdles. When so many hurdles are present in your body, what is the use of thinking about God. Paramatma.... "

'We know Sir! All the foreign matter in our body cannot be removed.'

" That should not be present, you will surely fall. I will tell about this leisurely, in detail. You are exposed to hurdles in silence. Silence is very good, no doubt, because there is no link with the worlds. But there are dangers in Mouna Deeksha. Saubhari went to the bottom of the river to be away from people of the world. There he saw two fishes together. The rajoguna within him surfaced; he became desirous and came out of the river. This story is mentioned in detail in Srimad Bhagawata. Silence is not as easy as you think! "

Nanna relaxed in his chair.

The person who asked Nanna about silence seems to have some sadhana in his own way. He said 'I think about God'. When Nanna sees a person he understands about him. Whatever we say, who knows better than Nanna, at what spiritual level we are? Nanna is so lovingly and mercifully telling us about the hurdles we will face in our spiritual sadhana and how to overcome them. We must have the humility to hear him without interrupting him. Because he does not want to belittle us, he always joins himself as one among us and says 'we must do sadhana; we must face the hurdles'. Yet, he clearly and bluntly states his point. That's why he said, 'you are not greater than Brahma, Shiva and Saubhari', you are nothing.... It is not as easy as you think.

Nanna began to speak about 'Awareness'.

" The essence is that you must attain awareness. This is the highest. There is no science or method equivalent to this. You must always be in that awareness. "

" The second point is effortless awareness! Once you come into this path, you don't need anything else. You may give up penance and religious books. You don't see anyone, don't visit any temple. This effortless awareness is a step above all temples. "

" Lakhsmi and Uma (devotees) learnt this. One advocate in High Court is addicted to smoking. While solving a case in the Court, he was cross-examining a witness. Because he is a chain-smoker, his hand involuntarily goes into his pocket for a cigarette. Then he gets the awareness - This is High Court, the Hon'ble Judge is seeing me. I should not do any nonsense. I will be put in jail. I should not smoke here..'. He has that awareness; he is aware of the presence of the Judge. "

" Like that, be aware of the Holy Divine Mother! The all-pervading Divine Mother is by your side. That's all, nothing else. Once you have this awareness, higher power will emerge from it... The entire family.... He is warning that nothing is equal to awareness. You must have awareness of the presence of the Divine Mother with and within you. You must be in Her presence. You need not feel this presence. Just feel that Mother is present. The advocate had the awareness of the presence of the Judge, so he did not smoke. Otherwise, he would definitely smoke. He knows that he will be prosecuted if he smokes in the High Court. "

" You also must always think of how to be in this awareness? Mantra is not the right solution because the letters of mantra is related to Prakriti. You are bound to fall with mantra. Don't think about nature. "

'Is it enough to be in awareness without mantra?'

" Yes. She is watching me. She is with me. Why do you bother where She is? You want to be in Her sight . She is watching me. "

" One Mother, well recognized in the world, wrote two books titled 'Secret Doctrine'. No one of this era has read these books completely because they could not understand! Awareness is one step higher than even the secret Doctrine. The power of this awareness is a step above all religious books and scriptures and scientific literature. "

" Krishna says 'Radha has powers which are many fold superior than my Divine qualities or my powers. That Radha must be our target of awareness.' "

'Can we worship both Radha and Krishna?'

" There are no two Gods, just one Only Radha! The Mahabhutas, the five sense organs are sound, touch, sight, taste and smell. "

Nanna stopped speaking for some time. Speaking about awareness he cautioned us that mantra, whose letters are related to nature will bring us down. Again the five senses are related to nature.

Listening to Nanna, we may get a doubt that he is cautioning us that mantra is related to nature, yet he is preaching disciples the 'Radha mantra'. Why is he giving us Radha mantra? He is giving the mantra; again he is telling not to repeat the mantra! But when we carefully observe his speeches, we can understand one truth. If anyone approaches him with a yearning for God, he teaches them step by step like a little child. He observes their interest and gives them Radha Rasa Mantra. Once the chanting of Mantra gives the disciple a little taste of Radha rasa, Nanna gradually takes him to the next step. In almost every lecture, he emphasized that man should finally reach the formless, all pervading tattwa. Very few will understand if he starts with the formless worship. Moreover, it may cause confusion in the devotee. Nanna does not like anyone moving away due to such confusion. With his pleasant preaching and divine ways, he takes the devotees up step by step. He adopts the sadhana with the awareness that the Formless Mother is always with me. Chanting the mantra which connects you to nature or even japa and tapa can't take you beyond nature. That's why Nanna mentioned about the five senses of nature.

The 'Secret Doctrine' written by Madam Blavetsky created a great sensation in the spiritual world. The Secrets mentioned in the book could not be understood by great spiritual intellectuals. This was mentioned by Nanna himself. Nanna says that awareness is a step above even this book, other literature and sciences. Sometimes many people spend their whole life reading great books and understanding their essence. Their whole life is spent but they don't attain what they must! With infinite love towards us ordinary human beings, Nanna has directly given us the divine principle of 'Awareness' which is the essence of all these books. He told us to have Radha as the target of awareness because She is worshipped even by Krishna.

Nanna then told how Mother lifted him as he constantly felt Her presence:

" A huge ashram in Brindavan! The annual expenditure of this Ashram is Rs. 1.6 lakhs. I spend Rs. 1.5 lakhs every year without asking anyone for money! Is this an ordinary state? Mother granted this state to one who has nothing! She is enabling me to celebrate Her festival. You will be invited for the festival, Radhashtami, Radha's birthday. There will be celebrations for five days, with expenditure over one lakh. I will celebrate Mother's birthday as long as the Sun and Moon exist. I will not ask anybody, yet the money will be arranged. She will arrange everything. She is the all-pervading Mother. You too can learn in Dhyana Yoga. I am teaching Mantra and Dhyana. I will teach you if you are interested. "

'We shall listen, Nanna'.

" Your interest and willingness must be 100%. If you have taken any other mantra, you must give it up because Radhika mantra is the highest. The highest power! 'Krishnena Aradhyate iti Radha' - Krishna constantly worships Radha. Due to this worsip (Aradhana), She became Radha. His worship is the reason for her name Radha. Vyasa said 'Krishnastu Bhagawan Swayam' - The same God came down as Krishna in His original form. If that God worships Radhaji, then who is Radha? How powerful She is! I am giving you that powerful mantra. It is more beneficial in dhyana, for your job, health, and family - every thing. Take mantra; do dhyana. Both these go together. I will tell you how to link these two later. You may go now. "

Nanna said, 'Mantra is made up of sound related to nature, so you must do incessant dhyana as it is beyond mantra!. Again when a new person comes to him, the same nanna said 'I will give you Mantra. You can chant it if you wish!' He insisted that the willingness to chant mantra should be 100%. What is Nanna's way of teaching? 'The mantra of Radha who is worshipped by Krishna is very powerful'. 'I will give you Radha Mantra'. The splendour of Sri Radha Rasa is such that it cannot be attained even by Brahma and other Gods. It is not possible to reach Mother through any amount of dhyana. Nanna clearly said, 'you cannot do the dhyana that pleases Her. I will be within you and make you do such dhyana'. So when he gives mantra deeksha, Nanna actually sends his power into us. With his power, we will be able to do dhyana. The great words that 'the human Guru breaths only Sabda (sound) into your ears but the Divine Guru instills spiritual Shakti into your soul which is the real mantra' speaks out this fact.

" This mantra is known as 'Shakti mantra'. When Parvathi's father, Daksha insulted her husband Shiva, She created fire from her eyes and burnt herself. Then Shiva vowed that if he would not get his wife back within 40 days, he would burn down all the 14 worlds. No one could give him back his wife. Not even Krishna. He said, ' I do not possess the power to bring her back. But, I know the mantra that can bring her back.' The Krishna gave Shiva the Mahamantra, Radha mantra. This episode is narrated in Brahma Vaivartam. "

" The other name of Parvati is Sakthi (power). Parvathi is the power of Shiva. She came back to her husband only through Shakti mantra. While returning Parvathi, Shiva asked Radha where he should be and where should his wife be? (This is the same question that you (a devotee) asked me). 'Unless you are in Brahmacharya deeksha (vow of celibecy),I will not appear before you.' Everyone who possesses Maha Shakti is bound by this vow. I am able to see the astral worlds only due to this vow. My vow of celibecy is my protection. "

" When Shiva recited the Sri Radha Shadakshari mantra devotedly, She appeared before him and said, 'Your wife is in my dham. Only those who are bound by Brahmacharya deeksha can remain in my Dham. If you want your wife back, you both must be in Brahmacharya deeksha.' He immediately agreed and accepted the vow. That is why when you enter a Shiva temple, you will find that Shiva and Parvati are in two different places.' Saying this Nanna said, 'Everyone who is endowed Maha Shakti is bound by this vow.' Nanna possesses infinite powers. Sri Gyana Prasunamba is the witness for his Brahmacharya deeksha. Though he appears to be in this world, he always spent the life of a Rasa Yogi. The infinite power of this Mahatma is granting Yogic alms to so many people. "

" She is showering Her affection. That is a very great thing. Mother is bestowing a special affection. About 20-30 devotees came to our ashram from Bengal. Devotees of Krishna! They did bhajan for sometime; we treated them well and they left. They went to another ashram in Brindavan about two miles away from this one. While doing bhajan, there, one Yogini became excited. Someone from within her said, 'the ashram where you did bhajan just before this belongs to a Sakhi. Take a saree, place it at the feet of the Sakhi and bow to her.' They bought a saree, came here and paid their respects. We don't know to whom they prayed. They asked us 'we understand that a Sakhi is present in this ashram'. We did not reveal who the Sakhi is. 'Is it so? We are not aware about the Sakhi. We are ordinary people.' They offered the saree to Mother. That saree is with us till date. That is what respect means! Mother is providing that respect. She provides some respect to a Sakhi! That's why the Yogini got excited. This point must be included in our books. "

'In what way, Nanna?'

" Mother is masculine too! People think Mother is a woman. She is also 'Purushah'. That is why She is 'Swamini' that means 'Purusha'. Who is 'Swamini?' None other than Radha! Radhaji - the Swamini. "

'Nanna, In Brindavaneswari Sri Radha Devi, Vol.6, we wrote that 'by addressing Sri Radha as Swamini, we are viewing Her even as a male form'.

" That's right! You must know by heart 'Krupakataksha mala'. Lakhs of people recite this daily in Brindavan. We want only their krupa (grace). We don't need the grace of anyone else. "

Nanna gave the 'Radha Krupakataksha mala' books to the people who came to see him for the first time. He said that Mother is bestowing special attention on us. She is showering so much affection on Nanna, Her Sakhi that she made one of devotees who came to see him become excited and realize that he is Her Sakhi. They respected the Sakhi! Nanna clarified this by referring to her excitement and asking to include this episode in the book. At that time, I did not know, in which book it would be included. Nanna, who is well versed with past, present and future, clearly told me to include this incident in the book 'Nanna Tho' (Our Association with Nanna) which would be written in future.

" Mahabhava! You must write about this also. It is a leela. Again Mother should agree. "

'Nanna, we wrote that Leela is not original. You said so the other day.'

" Though I planned to celebrate Mother's festival, Her decision lies behind this. Otherwise, this money cannot be collected; 6 lakhs in one month, without asking. Who made this miracle happen? I got 6 lakhs rupees without my asking! That became the Corpus fund. The interest on this money will be used for celebrating the function. My life is simply marvelous! We cannot even imagine! "

" The person who converted this room to AC is a wealthy man. Why should be come near me! But he did. Such is the power behind us. "

" Dalmia is the third richest millionaire after Bila and Tata. Once he came to see me. We offered him a chair to sit but he refused and sat on the floor along with his wife. Who cares how wealthy they may be. Here, there is no value for money. Wealth is subordinate to some higher power. That higher power is present within me. Such wealthy people will also come down. Even if Birla comes, I don't care. He may be great for you but Birla is nothing for us. That is the point here. "

Nanna's voice reflected his confidence as Radhasakhi. In some instances, Nanna kindly let us know who he is! This is one such instance. How could Rs. 6 lakhs be accrued in one month? Because it was Sri Radhasakhi who intended to celebrate the festival! Sakhi who is served by innumerable powers will not give any value to money. That why Nanna said that 'Birla may be great for you. He is nothing for us'. Wealth is subordinate to some higher power-that higher power is Nanna! Nanna treats the wealth of 14 worlds as trash when compared to service of Radha rasa. Such a Nanna is our Guru, our God, our dearest sakhi! Mother Radha, What else can we ask for?

Nanna spoke about Krishna's bhava towards Radha's devotees:

" Krishna does not forgive anyone who commits a mistake. But when he is a devotee of Radha, he thinks how he can help and how can I serve him only because. Hence, we will not be affected by ordinary karmas. The karmas cannot touch us. Though we commit some mistakes, karma will not touch us because we belong to Radha. "

What love! What mercy! What is this worship of Radha rasa! Vedas say 'Karmanam bhogato nasyat'-Karma is dissolved only when you experience it. But in the path of Sri Radha rasa-as you practice, as you do dhyana on Sri Radha, you are not affected by karma! Krishna also thinks how to bless such a devotee! It is pertinent to recollect a verse in Sri Radha Sudhanidhi.


Anullikhyananthanapi thadaparadhanmadhupathi
Rmahapremaavishta sthava paramadeyam vimrusathi
Thavaikam Sri Radhe grunatha iha namamritha rasam
Mahimnaha kaha simam sprusathi thava dasaika manasam

Sri Radhe! Sri Krishna is filled with your potent love and forgot the several mistakes of the devotees who chant your nectarine name. He is eager to grant them the best things. Then what can be said about the greatness of those devotees who are forever immersed only in Your dhyana?


-Sri Radhasudhanidhi 154


Nanna once told that Krishna thinks 'In what way can I serve this devotee of Radha?' When Krishna himself is eager to serve Her devotees, then what can karma do to them?

" Sri Radha mantra has double power-first it is a license to reach Her; second, it will develop the 'Stritwa' (womanhood) within you. That is the significance of that mantra. You may not be aware; womanhood and woman are different.(Stritwa and Stri). You will remain as a man but will attain womanhood (stritwa) within you. Unless you attain stritwa, you cannot reach Mother. No link can be established between Mother and you. Once you attain stitwa, then all attachments related to woman will cease. Obviously, a woman will not desire a woman! Such is the power of Stritwa! "

Thus, Nana explained the power of Radha mantra. While telling about the Siddi that is gained by the Mantra, Nanna drifted into the story of Rehman, one of the leelas that depicts the infinite love of Radhaji!

" Rehman is a born Muslim, son of Mirza Saheb. Radhaji is far higher than this. She does not discriminate between a Muslim and Jain. "

" Rasika Mahatmas considered even Vaikunta as worthless. That is how that bliss is like. You simply cannot imagine. If they say 'Worthless Vaikunta', then how powerful that state must be! Oh, how great-----. "

" Once Raghunatha Goswami, who stays on the bank of Radha kund was invited for the ceremony in which the idol of Govindji was being installed. He did not attend the ceremony. He ignored even Chaitanya's order. He said that Radha Kund was more important to him. 'I cannot leave my Mother even for a split second and go from this place. For me, Radha kund is Mother. My Mother is important; not installation of Govindji.' "

" It is mentioned in Vraja Puranas that Mother is the origin of Krishna's thoughts. "

Nanna then listened to a few sentences related to Dhruvadasji from Sri Brindavaneswari, Vol.6.

Dhruvdasji was initially ignorant; just like Kalidas before he went to Kali temple. Druvadasji wept, 'I have so many thoughts within me. But, I don't have the capacity to speak'. That night Mother placed Her left foot on his head. From the next morning, a flow of words began. In that flow, so many great sentences evolved. Where do such flows exist? Near Mother! By the grace of Kali, Kalidas became a poet. Even to this very day, he is an authority in Sanskrit. All Sanskrit scholars in the world bow their heads before Kalidas. Dhruvadasji became even superior to Kalidas. It is unimaginable.

Nanna listened to to Radha's dance leela from 'Bayalees Leela'.

'By the rays emerging from Her novel dance posture, the pearl in Her nose ring began to shine'

'Nanna, the pearl did not have any shine as such. It shone only due to the rays showered by Mother.'

" This will create some confusion because She does not have all these ornaments. "

'But Nanna, Mother is adorned with these ornaments. She is showing us a form. So in this context..'

" This aspect must be explained in detail. Although She has no form.. "

'Mother is intrinsically beyond form. By her own will, She created this appearance..'

" Yes, unless you clarify this point, there is a possibility for people to find fault. The name and form are beyond the state of gunas. Infact we don't even know how they are! "

'Ah, are the name and form in a state beyond the gunas?'

" Yes, this must be explained. "

'Oh!, its so difficult.'

" Ananya Nishta (one pointed devotion) all the time! Ramesh Baba said (about me) 'I read about Ramakrishna Paramahansa weeping for God. But, I saw that personally today. I never had such an experience before.' You can write about this incident too. "

'We have included it in a different chapter. We can refer to it again in this context.'

" A devotee 'Na Gayatri' stopped eating rice. I told her to follow some restrictions. She eats only fruits and vegetables. She is a millionaire with enormous wealth. She rang up one day and told me that she saw a pink rose and the pink colour spread in the whole house. "

While talking about 'The Natural union of Radha and Krishna' Nanna was telling us about which aspect of Radha does Krishna constitute while worshipping Her. Nanna said 'I think he must become the pink colour and worship Her.' Just then Gayatri rang up and told that her whole house appeared, in pink colour. Nanna said, 'The thief is caught' and sat upright. As soon as Her Sakhi uttered the sentence, Radha Rani proved the same and was lovingly caught by Her sakhi!

Saying that Sri Radha is beyond name, form and guna; a radiance that is formless and all pervading he added, 'If we mention abut Her nose ring or bangles, it will create confusion.' Nanna knows what kind of doubts we get. When Radhaji is formless and is the embodiment of bhava, how can She have any ornaments? Nanna's reply to our doubt: 'In that Rasadham even name and form are beyond gunas.' Only Rasika Siromani, our Nanna, can understand the meaning of this; not ordinary people like us.

" You have to live in a consciousness that combines these three aspects. Your natural consciousness must contain these three. Oxygen and Hydrogen combine to form water. Your consciousness should be like water. Mother's state of consciousness is like the water. There is no past or future. Consciousness contains 'Silence; living in the present; bhava that Mother is with me.' These three should combine to form single consciousness. Once you attain this, you don't need anything else. "

'Nanna , if we practice silence, can we attain the state of living in the present?.'

" Yes, it will become easy. You can practice all the three. I taught dhyana Mavilla High School for 3 years. If you can do all the three, it is wonderful. If one practices for 8 years, he becomes a 'Mastan'. So you will also attain the powers like a Mastan. I attained such powers. "

Nanna gave mantra to one girl and said she could not bend due to back ache. She was unable to do any work. Now the pain has gone. Within 3 minutes, she was relieved from that pain.

Nanna just said that he possess those powers though he does not reveal them. This was proved immediately.

" The first stage is silence! Present tense! Always live in present tense! Don't think about the past and future. Don't entertain thoughts of what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. Only present tense! Silence. The third stage - bhava that Divine Mother is always with me.' These three should be developed together. They combine to form only one stage. "

" I am in the present tense; in the awareness that Mother is with me. Within three months many changes will occur. Practice this regularly. Don't maintain any timings initially. Whenever possible, combine all the three and practice them. Don't specify. One hour, two hours, 10 hours. Your normal consciousness must contain these three elements. Utter silence! Those who maintain such silence are great sages like Sage Atri or Sage Jamadagni. Unconsciously, they attain several powers in that sage stage. In that stage, you will be free of diseases. "

" I know a girl who is suffering from Cancer in the advanced stage. I am planning to give her mantra from tomorrow from here only. All diseases will vanish with that mantra. The body will obtain renewed energy. We attain a link with Divine Mother here. God is neither father nor Mother. 'Naiva Stri na puruneshu napusankaha (not any gender). That is God's consciousness! God is neither man, woman nor neutral. That's the real core truth. It is wrong to say god! It is not enough to say Mother. What is gender for consciousness! Moreover, formless consciousness! Formless can't be male or female. It has no form. Remember these three points. "

" Past thoughts-when you recollect incidents of the past, try to wipe them off. No past! Don't think about the past. Don't plan about the future. Avoid both and live only in the present tense! The thought of past is your enemy; throw it out. The thought of future planning is your enemy; throw it out. Every moment is past tense for that moment. "

" The desires for family are intense. The three desires-Dareshana, Dhaneshana, Putreshana are the three forces pulling you back. They will not threaten you if you are in dhyana. I am in dhyana for about 10 hours in a day. You too will attain that power. You will also gain health and wealth. "

" Yogi Vemana used to visit a prostitute regularly. He always took money from his sister-in-law. She was upset that he was going in the wrong direction. She put a condition before giving the money saying, 'I will give you money but under one condition. You must spread all the money on the floor and ask her to pick up the money without wearing any clothing, in your presence.' Vemana saw her while she picked up the money. He felt aversion on seeing her naked form. He left the money there and retreated for penance. "

" When you feel detachment towards the world, you will attain powers through dhyana yoga. "

Nanna told us that he dhyana yoga incorporating these three points: silence, always remaining in the present and awareness that Mother is with us, will give us enormous powers, health and wealth. In order to get these powers, we must attain that detachment. Sometimes this detachment can come even from a prostitute! Nanna quoted the story of Vemana to prove this!

" One who pursues Dhyana will not marry. He will feel aversion for marriage; he will not be affected by any desires. Mother's power within him will ensure that he does not fall a prey to desires. You must be careful about this aspect. "

" All the three points mentioned above belong to the present. When you are aware that Mother is with you, then it is in the present. So concentrate on the first and third points. Second will fall in automatically. This becomes easy for you. Concentrate on two points only-Silence and Awareness that Divine Mother is with you. "

Nanna's life is an evidence of the fact that dhyana involving silence, being in the present and awareness that Mother is with you is highly powerful. Nanna cited an incident to explain how the all pervading Radhaji is guiding his life every moment.

Radha Mahalakshmi Amma and Koti Narayana garu were running a school and an orphanage in the Radha Krishna Mandir in Guntur. They were feeding almost 100 children. Once they had a severe financial crisis. Nanna was sitting upstairs thinking about how to arrange food for the children the next morning. At that time, Radha mahalakshmi Amma went upstairs. Immediately a Goddess entered here body and spoke, 'My son, if mother wishes, She will shower money like this. Is it you who is making these arrangements?' She stretched out her arm and golden dust fell down from her hand.

Speaking about this incident, Nanna said:

" That night, something fell from her hand. We could not see at night. The next morning we saw pure gold dust. We sent the gold dust to a merchant and got a gold metal made with Radha and Krishna imprinted on it. That metal is preserved till this day. "

" So we all are bound by a rule. If She gives us excess gold, we will be hit by ego. That creates unnecessary problems. So She ensures that we don't ever face financial problems. "

" 'Naiva stri na pumaneshu napunsakha'. In God's kingdom, the three genders do not exist. Bhakti, mukti-Devotion and salvation must be given up to move ahead. Devotion is very important, no doubt. But devotion and salvation are hurdles in Mother's path. This truth must be expressed clearly. "

" A Rasika Bhakta only sees Mother everywhere. He knows nothing else. He possesses the highest concentration. If any other devotee gets acquainted with a Rasika devotee, he naturally tends to become like him. The devotee is unstable only because he has attachment for many things. He has one thought for each thing he is fond of, whereas a Rasika Bhakta has only one desire. The devotee gradually loses desire on many things and focuses only one object. One must attain this state eventually. Any devotee has the scope to lose desire for many worldly things and concentrate only on one object. This will be deeply embedded in his mind. "

" All Rasika devotees move on the same path. As given in the book Divine Wisdom 'we have so many objects to think of whereas a spiritually immersed has only one object.' "

" Love will also evolve and spread from one person to another. This lecture is based on twin aspects. It is Radha who does everything, not Krishna. Without Her Hladini Sakthi, the desires within you can not be destroyed. "

" What happened to Krishna during Maha Rasa? "

'Madana came and participated in the Rasa Leela.'

" What happened to Krishna? "

'He sought Mother's shelter.'

" Then what happened? "

'Krishna became Madana Mohana.'

" Yes, that's how the flow must go on. This will not be reflected in Dhruvdasji's work. He has his own style. We must emphasise more on how and with whose grace Krishna became Madana Mohana. His works gives an impression that both are same. I don't agree with that. "

When Nanna listened to Dhruvadasji's narration about the Rasa leela incident, he did not agree with it because he did not mention the reason for Krishna becoming Madana Mohana. He was particular that this incident should be explained in detail in the volumes of 'Brindavaneswari Sri Radha.'

" Why is Krishna a devotee of Radha? "

'Due to Mother's Hladini Sakthi.'

" Yes, But this aspect has not been highlighted. What about Hladini Sakthi? He did not even mention about it. Is the Madana Mohana Mohini leela a lie? Did it not occur? "

'We will explain in two pages, Nanna.'

" Let it be ten pages, does not matter. We exist only for that. We need not follow others. We shall follow only Mother. She possesses Hladini Sakthi, he (Dhruvdasji) does not! This must be mentioned. "

" Hitacharya emphasized on Radha's power. We must follow his path. "

" Krishna will take the devotees to Brindavan and show Her. Only She grants them Rasa. "

" Krishna himself accepted Her superiority. That aspect must be brought out conspicuously. We are not restricted to Druvdasji alone. "

" Mother must have the upper hand. Infact, Krishna gave Her this status! Then who are we? Who is important, Krishna or Dhruvdas? Krishna gave Mother a superior position. "

" 'Swayameva nayika roopam vidhaya'. Actually, Krishna and his power alone are not sufficient to achieve world's prosperity. Therefore the role of Nayika became necessary. You can understand in this way. Because his power is not sufficient, Krishna sought the help of another. "

'But, the second entity is also Krishna Himself. He only became two...'

" Even if it is Krishna himself! Why did he become two? In this second entity another aspect is present. Hladini Sakthi is necessary but it is not effective in the first form. How can Hladini Sakthi work when Mother is not present? Scriptures declared that Hladini Sakthi is the highest power. Actually, this leela is only to highlight the prominence of Hladini Sakthi. He stated that Radha is the embodiment of Hladini Sakthi, but not Krishna. "

" Only red hot metal transforms into gold. Isn't the heat present in God? Though it is present in him, there is another------That's why he became two! "

'But Nanna, though he is two, it is he only. It is his power only.'

" It is he only! But why did he become two? He became two only because Hladini Sakthi is present in the second one. "

'Nanna, if Krishna does not become two, will he not have that power?'

" He may not be able to do everything unless he becomes two otherwise, why should he become two? Why did he not continue as one? "

" I am not talking about Krishna. I am talking only about Radha. They will understand. Radha placed Her left foot on Dhruvdasji's head. When Radha did so, did Krishna not do it? Why only Radha is mentioned and not Krishna? This must be highlighted (in our books) "

" Whatever others may say, why did Krishna become two? Unless he becomes two, Radha will not gain significance! Though he is the dual form of Radha and Krishna, he is not satisfied. He wished that Radha must be glorified. That's why 'Swayameva Nayika roopan dvidavidhaya'. This form of 'Nayika' is very important. "

" Krishna became two only to bring forth Hladini Sakthi in this world. Unless he becomes two, Hladini Sakthi will not exude just like that. It will be suppressed. Krishna approached Radha for protection in this leela because She is Hladini Sakthi. He specifically did penance to attain that Hladini Sakthi. So one is also as important as both! Brahma said that his whole life span is not enough to describe Her glory. Why did he mention Radha and not Krishna? "

Nanna explained 'Swayameva Nayika roopan dvidavidhaya' several times. Even then it is difficult to understand its depth. Nanna said that the eternal Para tattwa took the form of Radha and the second form is Krishna. Among the innumberable powers of Para tattwa, Haldini Sakthi is the highest. That power is residing in Radha, the 'Nayika'. In order to uplift the human beings who are under the spell of desires, he must seek shelter in Hladini Sakti. Due to Her mercy on mankind, our loving Mother, the embodiment of Hladini Sakti came down on earth.

Nanna continued to speak about the highest position of Radha, in a state of bhava.

" Why did King Vrishabhanu adopt Radha and not Krishna? "

'Because Yasodha looked after Krishna'.

" This is not agreeable to them. He specially brought Radha. Since she was not satisfied with Krishna alone, Yasoda used to take Radha also along with her for festival celebrations. I also saw only Mother, not both. Radhaji asked me to apply oil. She asked me to adorn Her. Where was Krishna? Doesn't he need any decoration? Why was his form not visible? Why was a golden idol of Sita placed beside Rama? The presence of Sita is necessary even if it is in the form of an idol. In other words, Sakthi is necessary. "

Nanna's decision is that our goal must be none other than Sri Radha!


Prabhuta, gyan,vishay ke oopar
Prem madhuri karat vihar
Nam, roop, guna, mahatva vichar
Rasikan twajati piwat Rasamadhuri

The sweetness of God's love lies beyond knowledge. Rasika Mahatmas do not ponder over the greatness of name, form or nature; they imbibe the sweetness of Rasa.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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