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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message

Our esteemed loving Nanna, the Radhasakhi, the embodiment of Sri Radha Herself gave his divine message for the upliftment of man. This is the extra ordinary message given by Sri Radha and Sri Radhasakhi in one form!

" I am writing a book covering Sri Radhaji's divine message and my experiences. It will comprise of statements from the four Vedas including their meaning. It is an authoritative compilation. I propose to print the book in three languages-English, Hindi and Telugu. Once the books are ready, we will knock at every door and distribute the books. It is a divine message! It is an extra ordinary message! It is for welfare of human beings. Listen to Mother's words! Live according to Her words. That's all. "

Observe Nanna's words; observe his overflowing love towards human beings. Our heart is overwhelmed. He received the divine message of Mother and he implemented the same in his life. Now, he wishes to distribute the essence of Rasa in the form of his experiences to each and everyone. What is he expecting from us in return? 'Listen to Mother's words! Live according to Her words'. That's all! When the sweetness of love touches the depth of our heart, we can understand that Radha Rani and Radhasakhi are the embodiment of the same tattwa of love!

" You need not give up your family. You can carry on with your life. It will continue strangely. You will face so many situations; so many experiences. You can't even imagine! Why do you worry? Your life will move smoothly. That's why you must always remember three points in this divine message. Infact, you must remember them every moment. "

" Point 1 :- Rmember that you are not independent. Once you accept that you don't have freedom, the ego within you will be destroyed. Ego cannot be lost by just wishing that it should leave you. Give up your freedom and develop the bhava in your heart that 'I am not independent. My Mother; whatever You will shall happen.' Always live in the same bhava. "

" Point 2 :- You cannot decide what to do and when. Mother will decide and give you the intuition. You will feel like going somewhere at some particular time. She will cause it to happen. Do accordingly. How strange this is! This is our life! "

" 'Viswodbhava sthithi layeshu nimitta leela'-An engineer, aged 30 years accepted Sanyas and came to Brindavan from Ramakrishna Mission. Recently, he asked everyone in that ashram that he had only one doubt. If someone could clarify his doubt, he would retreat to Naimisa forest and never return. He wanted to spend his remaining life in penance there. He asked everyone whom he must approach to ask about his doubts. They suggested my name. He came to me at around 7.30 p.m. one day and greeted me with folded hands. "

" Who are you please? "

" 'I am a Sanyasi. I was educated abroad. I am attached to Ramakrishna Mission. I have only one doubt. I searched the whole earth in pursuit of clearing my doubt but no one could enlighten me. I am staying in 'Anandmayi Ahsram in Brindavan. They directed me to you. I am here; kindly clear my doubt. Once I am convinced, I will leave for Naimisa this same night and shall never return.' "

" What is your question? "

" 'What does this world mean? This is my only question. What is the meaning, the purpose of this world? I read so many books, but could not find any explanation. Can you explain what this world really is?' "

" Your question is simple, not complicated. I will explain, listen carefully. This will benefit everyone in his dhyana. "

" 'Viswodbhava sthithi layeshu nimitta leela'-This world governed by nature and planetary position is created for name sake only. This is created for the knowledge driven human beings. Let's say there are 4 children in a family. The kids ask their father for toys to play with. Though he has no need for any toys, he buys them only to satisfy and pacify the kids so that they don't bother him anymore. In the same way, every person in the world is egoistic. There is not even a single person who has lost the dehatma bhava (bhava related to this world). He is desirous of family and money; so he must be given what he wants. This is known as 'karma sutra.' Their desires are their karma! I will observe their habits and grant their desires according to their karmas. This is for their pleasure not mine. It is not as if God is happy when you marry or when you amass wealth. He created this world just as a name sake for the poor man who becaome down trodden and addicted to worldly pleasures. 'Viswodbhava sthithi layeshu nimitta leela rasayithe nama idam chakuru...' Though this is your play, atleast one or two of our persons are also present here. It is our duty to fulfil their desires too. If majority want only family and wealth, a few others want only Mother. Then what about them? Should we not take care of them? There are two types of human beings. We play the game relevant to each type. We have infinite power behind us. Don't forget this. So, if you have any desire related to God, I will arrange for it "

" 'Enough, I don't need to hear anymore. I shall leave for Naimisa right now.' "

" He prostrated at my feet. "

When the sanyasi asked Nanna what this world really is, he replied that nature, planetary positions are merely name sake creation of God. Nanna explained how man became so inferior, and bound by his karmas. He stated that he would arrange for it if the Sanyasi had any desires related to God. What does this imply? The implication is clearly spelt out in Nanna's worlds ' We have infinite power behind us. Don't forget.' If somebody sincerely yearns that they want only the supreme Mother, Radha Rani and Radhasakhi (Nanna) will fulfill their desire with their infinite powers.

" Human beings are of two types. You must decide whether you would like to be a worldly related ordinary human being or a beloved child of Mother. There are two options for you to choose from. Once Mother told me: 'My son! If you want to come to me, I will tell you how and with which bhava you must come. You must never forget this bhava. Come to me as my beloved child, not as a beggar." This is Mother's message to me. When we see a beggar, we will stop him on the road; we will not allow him to enter our premises. That is the treatment given to a beggar. When your son knocks at the door, you eagerly open the door and greet him warmly. The parents come to the door personally, embrace him and welcome him into the house. That is the treatment given to a child! That's why Mother's message is 'Don't come to me as a beggar; come to me as my beloved child. ' Unfortunately, in this world, most of them are turning into beggars. Even a millionaire is a beggar! The Prime Minister is a beggar! India is plagued with poverty and begging. There is neither dharma nor Nyaya (idealism nor justice). "

" There is only one message for you to change some day. The Supreme Mother is with me. She is prepared to guide me every second. She is prepared to look after my comforts every second but only on one condition. Don't go to Her as a beggar. Come to Her as Her beloved child. As Her beloved child, you can easily reach Her. When I spoke about his to the engineer, he began to weep saying 'I have studied engineering course. I read countless books. Yet, I did not understand what this world is. Today, I realized the truth. We have entered this world. How shall we be beggars or beloved children of Mother? What is our duty? It is our duty to be the beloved children of Mother. That is the wonder! "

" I am nameless. Some people from far away Malaysia came to see me. They took my photographs. They are all illuminary photos not on ordinary paper. That technology does not exist in India! They spent about Rs.15000-20000 and distributed the photographs to their friends and acquaintances all over Europe. Did I ask them to do so? How am I connected with this distribution! The connection is not with you, but with Mother! You belong to Mother, your body belongs to Mother; your life belongs to Mother, not to you. Please understand and realize this fact. Your life does not belong to you; it belongs to Mother. Just as a wealthy man tells his wife 'Your life is no longer yours. It does not matter if your parents were beggars. Now you have come near me. I am a wealthy man. Come on." We are also in a similar situation. We have come near the Royal One, not near any ordinary person. This is the real secret. Don't bother how wealthy the others are! You have come only to serve the Divine! "

" In Dhyana Yoga, Mother will inspire you every moment. Sadhana (spiritual practice) should not form only a part of our life; our whole life should become Sadhana. This is the message. A part of life is not Sadhana; our life is Sadhana. This Sadhana has some principles. I have written some sentences which were inspired by Mother. So, you can consider them as sentences given to me by Mother. I shall print these sentences in three languages-English, Hindi and Telugu and distribute them all over the world. Now how should you behave? You must become Mother's children. The book will guide you to become Her child, may be by tomorrow! Now read out slowly. "

Satyam, a devotee began to read out:

'The glorious Divine! Meditation or Sadhana of Effortless awareness! Some guiding principles for all Sadhakas on effortless awareness.'

" First Quality:- the best spiritual Sadhana is to always fee the presence of Mother with you. You should not think, you should not talk and you should not do anything without feeling Divine Mother's presence within you. "

" This is the first principle, don't be alone in life. Give up your lonely life. Always be with Mother. Just both of you-Mother and You; this must be your life. This is very essential. Remember the way Badari Naryana did dhyana. He asked Rama Devi who resides in his heart to leave so that only he and his deity exist! So remember, though you may be very fond of something; there must be place in your heart only for Supreme Mother and you. You must worship that Mother who is declared as the highest and supreme by the Vedas. Don't think of second and third rate Gods; you will be destroyed. She is highest. She is Supreme! She is Mother! "

" Be associated with Mother in your mind, words and deeds. By being associated with Her, you will be successful. Once I wrote a letter to Mahalakshmi Amma that this house is very small to do dhyana. The people accompanying me also find it difficult to stay. So I shall not come here. Don't call me again. If you wish that I should stay here construct a separate room and name it Dhyana Kuteer! Immediately, money pooled in and the room was ready. This is a very small example. Infact, all are illustrations to prove that you need not ask for anything. Everything will be arranged. So every minute you can feel the hand of the divine, the guidance of the Divine, the love of the Divine. "

" Your Chaitanya, your consciousness is within your soul, near god. To attain that Mother, your nature must be spiritual. Moreover, you must be one pointed! When you adopt these two qualities, Mother will follow you. What is spiritual nature? Don't ask for anything related to the body. Don't bother about this body and all the people associated with it. Simply give up all of them. Mother will take care of them. Karma! Everything comes and goes according to their karma. You are not connected to anybody. Your connection is different. You are doing a Divine job. The government pays you TA, provides a jeep, accommodation and a servant. But don't use it for your personal purpose. You will be dismissed. Here there are two aspects-personal purpose and divine purpose. Understand the difference carefully. If you think of your own pleasures, your sensual pleasures, everything is in vain. You will face many hardships. So don't worry about your pleasure. Just forget it. Think only of Mother's joy... "

" Nanna stopped speaking as he was overcome by sorrow of separation from Mother. "

" ..I want only your happiness. She will take care of you. She will grant you everything. She will treat you like Her close ones. You should belong to Mother and not to Ahankar (ego). Every arrangement will be made here. There is absolutely no doubt about this. There is a lot of difference in this and that world. Let me share a small secret. One day, a Sakhi from Mother's world came near me and asked whether I would accompany her to Mother. 'I am ready to come this very moment.' But the devotees near me began to weep, pleaded and prayed that 'He has to complete some works here. He will come after that.' "

" Lord Yama cannot come near us. He will be simply kicked out. Only those related to Mother, Her Sakhis are permitted to come. They enter very delicately and ask us whether we are ready to leave. If we ask for time, they don't force us to come. We are not bound by time. As per astrology, my life span is only 53 years. But Mother eliminated the karma goddess and declared that my life span is in their hands. Today I am 97 years old. My horoscope is destroyed, because my life will not go according to it. I am publicly defying the karma Goddesses. I am a small man. Then who could defy the Karma Goddess? Only Mother who is behind me. There is infinite power behind me. God cannot bear if his devotee faces any kind of trouble. He will affectionately take care of him. He will look after the devotee as if he is a Sakhi. "

Wow! What a message! What is Nanna, What is Radhasakhi, What is Mother! This is spelt out in each and every word. Saying that a group of Sakhis came near him, Nanna added, 'Yama cannot come here. He will be simply kicked out'. Normally, Lord Yama takes away the soul of the person as soon as his life span is over. Such a Yama does not have the authority or courage to even look at Nanna, the Radhasakhi!

'I am publicly defying the karma Goddesses.' Nanna who made such a powerful statement has kindly given this message, Radhaji's message.

"Listen to Mother's words. Live according to Her words. Live in the bhava that 'I am not independent. Everything will move according to your will, Mother.' Come to Mother as Her beloved child, not as a beggar. Your life is not yours but Mother's! Your life must be your sadhana. Your nature must become spiritual; it must be one pointed."

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