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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message


Yasyaha sphurjatpadanakhamanijyothirekhachhattayaha
Sandrapremamrutharasa mahasindhu kotirvilasaha
Sachedradha rachayathi krupadrustipatham kadachin
Mukthisthucchibhavathi bahusaha prakrutaprakrutha Srihi

If moksha, the salvation aspired by all the spiritual sadhakas seems nothing when compared to a single glance of Sri Radha, then how Supreme the Mother must be! Oceans of rasa are created by just a mere touch of an infinitestimal fraction of the light rays reflected from Her jeweled toe nail. How can Vedas describe such a Supreme Mother?


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri Verse 136


Nanna installed this Supreme Mother, Sri Radha Maha Devi who is worshipped even by Krishna in our hearts. This book is an attempt to share some aspects related to Radhasakhi, which are full of rasa. How much ever said about Nanna is still only a little. The specialty of these volumes "Nanna Tho" (Our Association with Nanna) is that the contents of the book is a compilation of the words spoken directly by Nanna himself! Hence every reader feels that Nanna is speaking to him or her directly.

In this world filled with negative aspects, the aspect of sweetness of Sri Radha's love came down on earth as Nanna, that too in South India where is rasa is not well known! Through out his life, Nanna distributed rasa with love. Several super natural incidents occurred in the life of the Mahatma. All his teachings are aimed at uplifting the human beings who are suffering in this world. Many such incidents narrated by Nanna are included in this book. Some information was provided by Anjani Amma and Santhakka.

Nanna's words divert an ordinary man's mind towards rasa. It takes the sadhaka's mind towards siddhi. While outwardly explaining about rasa and devotion, he also provides unimaginable spiritual sustenance from within us. If we are sincere, he silently rectifies our weaknesses and enhances the feeling of rasa in our mind! The readers must not forget that Nanna is an Endless Divine Continuity, incessantly granting his grace! All that we must do is to assess how much our lives are moving towards Mother and sincerely correct our mistakes. Needless to say, if we have this yearning in our mind, Nanna's affectionate hand will bless us and guide us by providing the necessary power.

Nanna's power is such that devotees who have never seen him; never heard of Sri Radha tattwa but possess the sincere yearning for God are automatically drawn towards the path of rasa. Several new devotees have joined this path after reading Nanna's books and listening to talks about his life.

A Mahatma, Guru Behen ji resides in Brindavan, adjacent to Nanna's ashram. Her life is incessant dyana! She came into contact with Nanna due to the radiance emanating from his ashram. One day, Anjani Amma and I visited her. While talking about vraja literature, she said 'in academic literature, repetition is an error, whereas in Vraja literature (spiritual) it is a positive point. The subject of this literature is Radha and Krishna. In academic literature, more subtle the style more is the value; whereas in Vraja literature simplicity is preferred.

Guru Behenji's words are applicable even about Nanna. While writing about a Rasika Siromani like Nanna, repetition is not an error. This book contains the words uttered by Nanna, who is several steps higher than Moksha. Though it may appear that he repeated the same words or we have written the same matter again, it is each one's experience that the same topic is said in a different context, in a different manner and above all, in a different bhava. So each time, the same topic appears new. Where is Nanna who is always in a state of bhava and where are we? How can I even attempt to say about Nanna, within the restriction of language? Yet, Nanna's love is my strength.

This volume mainly focuses on Dhyana Yoga. The reader must observe the nuances of his teachings and the practical approach elucidated by him. Nanna conceals astonishing truths within ordinary words. That's why his words have been retained verbatim. Since every letter uttered by him arises from bhava, they examine our mind and attract us toward the divine truth. Nanna simplified Sri Radha Dhyana Yoga and is diverting our mind, which constantly desires worldly pleasure, towards Sri Radha.

Nanna said 'I have no beard or moustache. I have no indications to declare me as a Guru'. In these words, there is a caution that we must not be deceived by appearances. Talking about marriages, he said, 'You take care of beauty and I'll take care of life span'. When we try to decipher the implication of these words, we can understand who Nanna is! God decides life span; that means Nanna ..!

Nanna who lives in an ever-present state said "My life is very strange". If Radhasakhi, the partner in Sri Radha rasa comes down to earth and resides in a human body, how strange and miraculous that life would be. Unimaginable! That's why Nanna said 'Don't compare my life with any other life in the whole world'. Nanna's equal is only Nanna ! Such a Nanna took us in his fold, came close to us and is filling our life with Rasa. This splendor cannot be matched even by the splendor of all the 14 worlds.

The purpose of these volumes is to spread the flow of Radha rasa granted to us by Nanna. Like in the earlier volumes Sekhar, Malathi and Sri Ranga are connected with this volume also.

Sri Madiraju Rajagopal offered financial assistance in printing this book that reflects Nanna's heart filled with rasa. May he obtain Radhasakhi's grace.


Always at the lotus feet of Radhasakhi, Rasamani


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