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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message


Bhava prema kalanidhim Rasagurum vande Sakhi roopinam
Radha bhava sanga chaturam Radhaskhim sauhrudam
Radhakeli nikunja rasarachana kausalya sandhanakam
Bhaktanugrahakataram rasikata rahasya samvettinam

Radhasakhi is the repository of the attributes of bhava and love. Rasaguru, the sakhi who is master of unveiling the confidentiality of Radha bhava, adept at creating rasa in Nikunj where Sri Radha's divine plays occur, ever eager to bestow his blessings on the devotees has complete understanding of the secret of rasa. My salutations to Radhasakhi!


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 

18.12.2000, Guntur Ashram.

When I reached the ashram in the morning, Nanna was in a peculiar state of spiritual bliss. A divine fragrance was emanating from him. I placed a rose in his hand and greeted "Radhe Radhe Nanna'. He too lovingly greeted me. Everyday I have the same thought 'Is this the same Nanna whom I see daily?'

Nanna was speaking about how to worship the Supreme Goddess who is beyond name, form and modes (nama, roopa and guna). I along with Sriranga, Malathi, Sekhar, Srinivas, his wife and other devotees were watching Nanna in a state of rasa, a state of divine bliss as we listened to him.

" I am fully conscious of the fact that I am speaking to you while the Mother is listening. You too must develop this. Her position is behind the forehead. There is tremendous radiance in that point. Mother's bhava, Mother's radiance is behind the forehead. The eyes are present just below this location. When we open our eyes, we must see the world along with Mother. We must develop such a sight. I am seeing you through Mother. I am also seeing the world. Don't view the world only from an external view. The evil eyes have all weaknesses. When we see with Mother's sight, we are not influenced by this weakness. Be principled in your work because Mother is watching you. See the entire world only through Mother. First see every work through Mother and then only implement it. We are not weak human beings. We have immense strength. "

" During the time when we were pure fragments of God, we had no effort on our part except maintaining silence. Man, who was in such an elevated state at one time, began to put in effort ever since he attained 'jeevatva'. As long as he was in the form of 'athma' (soul), he did not require any effort. What is jeevatva? Why and when did it occur? "

" 'Athma' or the 'real I' is deviating from God or 'I'. Let me explain clearly. There is a 'real I' within us. What is the nature of this 'I'? Yearning for God which wants only God! We do not want to leave children, property or anything, this is absolute nonsense. It was only the Divine. I narrated an incident in my life which happened in Srikakulam in A.P. It was night time. During the day I used to live alone. The cook made arrangements to serve me dinner in a silver plate. The food was ready in a tiffin carrier. Suddenly I became conscious that my body is separate and 'I' am separate. I felt afraid initially. When you realize that your body has separated from you, it is natural to have a fear complex. I saw this body as a separate object as if the body is attained recently. When we see the body with detachment, fear complex is natural! What is this? Who is this? Who is the body? How did I get this body? All such feelings envelop the mind. With these feelings I unconsciously left my home and began to wander aimlessly. I had no thought about house, silver plate or food. I felt as if they belonged to someone else. I traveled for almost 2 miles towards the burial ground. I did not know that it was a burial ground. I just kept moving on. Heaps of ashes were lying there. I even tripped over one or two heaps and lost my balance and fell down. By this time, I overcame the fear complex. That is the wonder! Till about 7 am, I was living and moving only in the burial ground. I felt no fear. We hear that Lord Shiva is very fond of burial ground. In fact, in the holy pilgrimage of Kasi, there is a burial ground just beside Lord Mahadeva's temple. All the time, ashes are being burnt there. It is believed that the Lord is fond of the burial ground atmosphere. We cannot believe that! But, it is a fact. Nobody can spend the whole night in a burial ground but I did! I left behind my body, my things and my house. The thoughts about thieves stealing my silver plate and other valuables never entered my mind. I attained some kind of yearning for the Divine in that place. I was weeping for God. Same is my state even now. Sometimes, when I attain the real I, I weep for God. "

" Ramesh Baba, a mahatma who resides on the hill top in the forests of Brindavan came to the ashram to see me. He is an intellectual since the age of six! At the time when he reached our Ashram, I was weeping for God. It is a fact that he waited for one hour. Throughout the hour, I was weeping for God. He brought a book to note down what I would tell him about Radha. I did not even speak a single word with him. Finally, he called Anjani Amma and said, 'Mother, I shall take leave now. Kindly make him utter the words, Radhe, Radhe twice. I shall be highly grateful to listen and leave.' I would not do even that! I could not utter Radhe, Radhe. I was weeping for Radha but not crying out Radha! Radha! That was my actual state. I want only..Radha. I exist only for Radha. Yet I could not utter Radha! Radha! "

" While leaving Ramesh Baba said, 'I read that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to weep for Mother Kali. I never had the fortune of witnessing someone who is actually weeping for Mother. Now I am seeing such a person. Today I can visualize that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to weep in a similar way.' With eyes full of tears, Ramesh Baba left our ashram. "

" Hence, when you attain the real 'I' then... What is real 'I'? It is yearning for God. We have lost this yearning for God. It got converted to yearning for frivolous worldly objects. That is the downfall! In his poems, Milton wrote about man's rise and downfall! That yearning for God converted into this yearning for worldly objects - Dareshana, Dhaneshana, Putreshana (desire for wealth and family). These desires awakened in us very recently. We never had them in the past. "

" An industrialist by name Lakshmi who studied B.Com came to me. I gave her initiation to Dhyana Yoga. She came here yesterday at 12.30 p.m. and said 'Nanna, I don't know why but I feel like weeping uncontrollably. I am not even aware why I am weeping' and began to weep. I said 'sit near me for a while; your weeping will subside.' Slowly she became composed. This state of yearning is unique. "

" The first of these stages is 'Awareness'. Always remain aware of the presence of the Divine. That is the real penance. The all pervading Divine is amidst us.. Feel the presence of the Divine! Just by thinking! All our works will be completed through Her. I have experienced this. Let us take the instance of this very room where we are sitting. About one or 2 years back, during mid summer, somebody must have given a powerful thought to the person who spent money for my sake and converted this room to A.C. Who is that somebody who is so deeply interested in me? Who has the desire to ensure about my welfare and well-being? There is only one all pervading Divine Mother who is watching me, who is always with me! She is present here even now as I am speaking to you. She brought him (Subbarao garu) to me. When he entered the room, She gave him the powerful thought to convert the room to A.C. and he did so immediately. "

" Then he wanted to celebrate my birthday. His daughter also had the same desire. They came near me together and requested that they would celebrate my birthday spending more than one lakh for the function. I came all the way from Brindavan to Guntur for the birthday function. Who gave her the thought about this celebration? She is planning for this function in a few days from now, with an expenditure of almost a lakh! (Indian Rs 100,000). "

" What is the power that is provoking such powerful thoughts and guiding me forward? Who is the power? None other than the all pervading Mother! That is the power which we must hold on to. We must never leave that power. Let me illustrate with a small example what She can do! (Pointing to Radha Rani's potrait) This Mother Radha descended on earth from above as a 3 years old girl. She was never in a Mother's womb. She arrived directly and descended in a lotus in a pond. We can't say what the relationship between Mother and me is and since when. "

What did Nanna say? We can't say what the relationship between Mother and me is and since when! Nanna speaks about some topic and occasionally includes some sentences like this in his conversation, without being very obvious. We can observe Nanna's form of sakhi subtly visible in these sentences. Who can really tell what the relationship between Radhaji and Her sakhi is and how old it is.

Nanna continued:

" She and Lord Krishna - both descended on Earth about 5000 years back. During Dwapara Yuga, which was 5000 years ago, they both descended separately. She came directly as a little girl. It is not known how and where from Krishna came. This point is not mentioned in Bhagawata. Vishnu was born in the prison, not Krishna. Vasudeva carried the newly born Vishnu from the prison and not Krishna. Vasudeva carried the newly born child in a basket on his head, crossed river Yamuna and reached Yasoda's house. That little child is Vishnu. This is clearly stated in Bhagawata. By the time he reached there, Yashoda was in deep sleep and a dark complexioned little boy was already lying down beside her kicking his hands and legs. She awoke by the movements of the body. She was taken aback to see the little child, not born to her. She wondered how he came there. She woke up Nanda Baba and showed the child. He was also unaware about the child's origin. He is the two shouldered Krishna! The boy in the basket of Vasudeva is the four-shouldered Vishnu. The two shouldered Krishna is the main character. Nobody knows how he reached there! "

" Radhaji came to earth directly. They both descended on earth almost at the same time. Just observe the mystery in their lives. The little boy was endowed with infinite attraction! When he was born, they were out of their minds. Without realizing why, Nanda Baba began to weep. That divine yearning is so powerful! If we really attain that yearning even for a few minutes, we become detached from the world. We will simply relinquish everything. I left everything in this way. We cannot sacrifice anything by ourselves. That yearning state will come to everyone naturally! When his wife was asleep Chaitanya Mahaprabhu thought 'This is the right time for me to leave the house. I have no attachment to this house anymore'. His father and brother died, leaving his mother all alone and helpless. Yet he left the house. Nobody would leave in this way, but he did! Lord Buddha also left the house in a similar way. Whoever left for the Divine are like that! This is unseen and new to you. This world is called 'Prakriti'. As we go above Prakriti, we find, 'Chinmaya' and 'Para'. These are the three planes. God grants the physical body - Prakriti deha to everyone here. We will leave this body here only. Chinmaya deha is attained by very few only - one in ten thousand! We must surpass even Chinmaya deha. Finally we attain bhava deha. When the jeeva (living being) exists in the bhava deha, he weeps continuously. It is said that the eyes of Gopis were never dry. Chaitanya's eyes were also never dry (with a voice chocked with emotion). He was always weeping. The Gopis eyes were never dry as they were always weeping. They are not trivial tears; they are tears of love! "

" We cannot believe the power of these tears of love! The flowers in the garden shed tears. Why? Nobody knows the answer. But it is true that flowers weep, trees weep and branches weep. These are actual facts. That is our true life. That true life saw nature and small things in nature - this man, wife, husband, child are of no use ... Naturally, the vastness of the 'athma' expands to several miles. Man has such a power within him. As I realized this, I attained such power. I have not been to Australia or seen anyone there. Yet if somebody in Australia is suffering from pain, I need not see him or go to him. Sitting right here, vibrations emanate from my soul. It will take one or two minutes for these vibrations to reach Australia. When they touch the person, his pain recedes and his suffering disappears. Just by the touch of those vibrations! I can do this right now; it is just a matter of one or two minutes for me to go to America. This is the power of real 'I'. Next is all pervading nature. The all pervading consciousness saw small, finite idols of nature and it also contracted. 'Yadbhavo tat bhavathi' - which ever object you see, you will become that only. Jada Bharata was a great sage. He gave up his kingdom and began to perform penance. Once a deer came near him and died after giving birth to a little deer. He felt pity and looked after the little deer. The deer is a symbol of nature - a small part of nature. He devoted all his time and all his thoughts to the deer. Finally he died and took birth as a deer. When he is reborn, man attains that form about which he thinks seriously just before death. The athma (soul) must be all pervading. Then man's thoughts can even reach America from here. He was so powerful! He declined, fell down and shrunk.... "

" Nobody knows where man goes after death. People cry that he is dead but nobody knows where he went from here. That is his ignorance! He reached the stage of 'no knowledge'. His love is also limited. He is afraid of a snake. He cannot love a snake. He is afraid of tiger. His love is limited, his knowledge is limited. In this way, a limited (finite) living being was born. This is the only reason why we are so small! Our heart cannot expand! In 1946, I was posted as Deputy Inspector in S.Kota in Andhra Pradesh. There were no houses to stay. The only house available was locked because it was a small house with a snake pit inside. Everyday a snake used to come out of the pit. Nobody was willing to live there. But I lived in that house! "

" The heart of those who see only little things cannot expand. In fact, the heart shrinks. He only thinks this money is mine; this property is mine; that is my elder brother's; this is my younger brother's.... His thoughts are restricted; there is no vastness in his thoughts. Only She must grant him that infinite heart! Sakuntala was the child of sage Viswamitra. He wondered in which forest to keep her. He came to earth and saw one forest that belonged to sage Kanva. It is stated that in Bhagawata that he directly came to this forest with his daughter. The Bhagawata described the forest thus: 'There is a small pot containing all food items. There is a lion just beside a calf and a snake. All these animals surrounded the pot containing food and began eating together. The sage was astonished! The animals that have mutually opposing nature lived together and ate together. They did not appear to have any differences or animosity among them. "

" I also thought in a similar way about the snake in that house. 'This house is locked since three months. The poor snake had nothing to eat all this time. I drink coffee every morning. Today instead of drinking the coffee myself, I shall offer to the snake'. I got up and went towards the pit. The snake came out. I did not feel afraid. As soon as the snake came out, I held the coffee and waited. The snake came towards me, climbed over me and drank the coffee from the cup. The poor snake was so hungry! It drank the coffee and went back into the pit. I lived in that house for three months before my transfer to Bheemunipatnam. A tragic incident occurred before my transfer. Somebody killed the snake when it came out of the pit. I was very upset. I saw the snake in my dream about 5-6 days after its death as a 9 year old girl with a hood. I wondered why this girl is like this. She said 'My son, you fed me with coffee everyday. I belong to naga loka (snake world). I will never forget your help. You actually gave me life in that house. I came back to grant you a boon. Any snake on this earth will not harm you. Even if it goes over you, don't worry. Nothing will happen. This is my boon. "

" A few devotees live with me. Santa (our Santakka) cooks food and offers bhog every day. There is a large pit where we have the gas stove. When she was about to clean the stove in the morning, she saw a big snake in the pit. She began to scream in panic. I said, 'don't fear. The snake will not harm you. Pay your respects to it'. The snake left silently. "

" There are super natural things in this materialistic world. Man has fallen down and became worthless. One lady, Nagamani is writing a book. I told her that the sakhis near Radhaji talk to me. I asked her to write about this in her book. "

Nanna asked me to stand up. He told everyone that I am M.A. Ph.D, and I am the person writing the book. Then he asked me about the three points that he mentioned to me.

" Satisfy the mind, satisfy the society, and satisfy Mother. If you do all the three, you will directly reach Mother "

" I told her that this is the secret. We must satisfy the mind. We can't do this. Satisfy the society. Not possible. Satisfy Mother. Again not possible. "

'Then how Nanna?' 'Nanna, what can we do if you will tell us impossible things?', Sri Rajagopalachari and Vijayalakshmi garu asked.

" You cannot satisfy your mind. By nature, your mind is of cosmic size. You forgot this fact. The things of cosmic size are not visible to you. Gradually, with sadhana, your mind will expand. All the trash thoughts in the mind will be wiped off. The concept of small, limited and finite things will disappear. Your mind will become infinite and cosmic love will develop in you. What is not there presently will develop slowly. Then a snake and a lion will be the same for you. You can't do anything to anyone; neither will they harm you. You will attain that state. The animals will also speak to you. Though you are in this world, you will not be an ordinary human being. Though you are in the living world, you are not a living being. You will surpass that state. That is the true stage, the stage of the mind. When you attain that true stage, all worldly related love will disappear. You can love everything in that stage. In Brindavan, I used to dip biscuits in coffee and leave small pieces in heap. A peahen used to come and eat those crumbs. It would punctually arrive at my coffee time and eat the crumbs of biscuits. My life seems strange - living in this human world, being attached to family for sometime, death, moving in the world of spirits for some time after death - I am all the time busy with this only. "

" I am interacting with ghosts and spirits since the last 50 - 60 years. I have some disciples in that world also. Some of the devotees here have seen my disciples. One of them is Gopalakrishna. He came to me for deeksha. I granted him deeksha. He is here right now. You are not aware that he is present. He is sitting calmly in one corner "

We all became excited. Some exclaimed, some prayed 'Radhe Shyam', some looked around anxiously. Nanna was observing everybody.

" Many atrocious incidents occur in this human world. Hence satisfy the mind. To really satisfy the society, you must teach Dhyana Yoga. I am constructing a Dhyana Yoga Kuteer for the society with 12 rooms. Mother arranged the money and the building is under construction in Brindavan. We will provide a room for doing meditation. With dhyana, you will again regain the elevated position from where you fell! Man will reach his ultimate goal. I am opening such a world Dhyana Yoga Centre.I shall also celebrate Radhaji's birthday for five days each year. The expected expenditure will be around Rs. 1.2 lakhs for this function. I wish that you all must participate in the function this year and enjoy the splendour and grandeur. "

" If you think only about small things, you will be born again and again with the same finite mind. If we must attain an infinite life with an infinite, vast heart, your thoughts must be infinite. As the thoughts expand, you will also gradually expand and you will possess great powers then! "

" This is an incident mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana. Bharatha went to the forest to call Lord Rama back to Ayodhya. He wanted to plead with Rama to return and rule Ayodhya as Lord Dasarath was dead. He started with about 50000 people. Since Rama took the blessings of Sage Bharadwaja first, Bharata also wanted to do the same. Sage Bharadwaja stayed in his hermitage with 1 or 2 disciples. The sage told Bharatha to stay in his ashram for the night and accept his hospitality. He knew that Bharata had 50,000 persons, 1000 horses, elephants...yet invited him for a feast! Bharata thought, 'How can he feed so many people? Where are the cooks? How is he inviting us for a feast?' Exactly at 8.30 p.m., invisible hands served all of them unimaginable items and savories in the feast. Bharatha wondered how the sage was able to get all those sweets which even King Dasaratha could not! That is power of sankalpa-determination. "

" Human beings have so many deficiencies! With Mother's grace, we can attain everything. If you attend the Radhashtami function once, you can see that 400-500 devotees take food in our Ashram. That is a huge expenditure. I do not ask anyone for money. Then how are millions of rupees being arranged? What is my strength? Mother is with me. The all pervading Mother is with me. Mother is with you, with me and everybody. We must establish a link with such a Mother. Then you will not have any limitations. That's why dhyana Yoga is important. By dhyana yoga, a link is established between Mother and you. She will certainly come to you. Why should someone who has no connection with me spend Rs.15000 to make my room A.C.? That is not his idea; it is the inspiration of the all pervading Mother. You need not have any money. The all pervading Mother grants such an extra ordinary life. Remember two points when you worship the all pervading Mother; then only dhyana yoga will be successful. You must feel that 'My Mother is everywhere. Radha has enveloped the whole Universe. This all pervading Mother is always with me, watching me.' I attained unique powers by meditation on the formless. You too will attain them. Mother is super imposed everywhere. Only when you are immersed in that super imposed Radha bhava, you will attain the power to love everybody. "

" Perform incessant meditation. Radhe Govinda. "

Nanna ended the day's talk. Since he is Radhasakhi, he possesses several super natural powers. Incessant Radha dhyana is his inherent nature. Hence, many divine powers are in his control. Whenever he tells his devotees anything, he exemplifies it himself. That's why he says, 'I am doing meditation. I attained powers. You also do so. You too will attain power'.

This is probably natural quality of the Radhasakhi who is always served by several divine powers.


Sakhi sakar hi prem dayanidhi
Dheer, Kshama, dhruti, karuna gun bhari
Sakhi man nit such sam mein rahate
Sakhi man jwalat rasa jeevan jyothi

Sakhi is the personification of love and mercy. Sakhi is full of power, forgiveness and mercy. Sakhi's mind is always blissful and tranquil. The light of Rasa is always shining in the mind of the sakhi.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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