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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message
19.12.2000, Guntur Ashram

Immersed in Radha bhava, Nanna was telling how to worship the all pervading Radhaji.

" Radha is not a small doll or idol. She is the all pervading power! There is no other way except silence to worship the all pervading power; the ordinary eyes are not enough. The ordinary eyes see only petty objects like husband, wife, child, wealth. We must not be like that. We must see only the all pervading. These eyes are not sufficient to see the all pervading. Therefore, close your eyes and then see Mother. Don't see Her through mantra or tantra (rituals). See Mother in the penance of silence, in mouna deeksha. You must attain silence. 'Mounam tapas' - Silence is penance. In olden days, the Maharshis practiced only silence. When we are silent, the mind expands within us. These trivial thoughts are all related to petty matters and worldly objects. We must attain the thoughtless mind. The thoughtless mind can be easily developed. With that thoughtless mind, in silence, simply feel Her presence. 'Mother, you are here, near me. I pay my respects to you.' Mother cannot be measured in words (sound). She has no name or form. So we need penance that is devoid of name and form. The rishis have no name and form, whereas we do. It is because of this world which is associated with name and form. As long as we are in this world, we cannot attain God. The Vedas clearly say 'Nayanatma pravachena labhyaha.' - God cannot be attained by preaching, name, penance or rituals. You have no tranquility of mind. Therefore, be in silence when you begin this penance. You must retreat within you inner self (inwardness) and find tranquility there. This is the only way for one and all. "

" Vivekananda visited Jerusalem, the land of Jesus Christ. He asked somebody how Jesus Christ performed penance. The people replied in just 3 points-'go to your room; close the door behind you; pray in secret.' Just 3 points! "

" What is the room in our context? Mother and thoughts of Mother; no other rituals. 'Mother is with me. I am seeing Mother' - this is your room. 'Close the door' - shut the world from you. You must cease to live externally and enter your inner life. You need not see any external objects. Close them in your thoughts. External means nature? Nature contains desires and anger. All trivial matters exist here. Man and animals live in the same way. So give up this world. Close your eyes and move away from the world. Develop the feeling that Mother is with you. Gradually a link between Mother and you will be established. 'Pray in secret' means total silence. Hence, the three important points to reach Mother are: inward journey, silence and thoughts of the nameless and formless Mother. Our Mother has no name or form. Concentrate your thoughts on the nameless and formless Mother. Once you begin this, you will be transformed in just three months! That is our Mother. Once you begin this, you will be transformed in just three months! That is our Mother! Why did we fall from our elevated, pure life? Man should not descend anymore. He must always be on the ascending trend. Mother already decided my stage after this life. Normally, the journey after death is not decided in advance. But Mother decided for me. I shall go back to Her. She gave a message that I will go back to Her as Her Sakhi. She brought me here; She left me here. "

" I also have my problems. But they are not those resulting from karma. Every one must know this fact. We must write books about Her world. When they come to know about that world, at least some people may desire to reach there, may be one in a million. He can perform penance to fulfill the desire. Silence is that great penance! I have written eight volumes regarding the secrets of that world and how to do spiritual practice. All the eight volumes will be printed. All of you must read them once. It will take three days to read the eight volumes. Then you will understand that entire world. "

All of us were surprised. Reading 8 volumes in 3-4 days!

Nanna continued:

" One of my devotees is an industrialist. She came to me yesterday afternoon and said, 'Nanna, I feel like weeping.' Those who really desire to go near Mother must weep. Meerabai wept; Chaitanya wept; Ramakrishna Paramahamsa wept; I wept. That weeping is due to tears of love, not sorrow. It is love that makes you weep. "

" We are able to obtain true dhyana yoga after a long time. True dhyana yoga has no sound, touch, smell, form or name. If there is name and form, it is associated with nature. Nature is Maya. So we must concentrate our thoughts (do chintana) on the nameless and formless tatwa. That's why real dhyana yoga is a little difficult. It is in silence! Mother is here. She has no name or form. She has enveloped and permeated in all the worlds. She can do anything with just a 'thought'. This room got converted to A.C. How? Did she give the money? No! She identified someone and gave him the thought. That's all, the job is accomplished. The expenditure for Mother's festival (Radhashtami) is Rs.1.2 lakhs each year. How is the money being arranged? "

" At all times, you must live with the feeling that 'Mother is with me'. You will realize how joyful that life is! You will experience unimaginable and remarkable joy and peace. I am spending lakhs of rupees to construct a three storied building in Brindavan only to arrange for dhyana Yoga. "

" At all times, you must live with the feeling that 'Mother is with me'. You will realize how joyful that life is! You will experience unimaginable and remarkable joy and peace. I am spending lakhs of rupees to construct a three storied building in Brindavan only to arrange for dhyana Yoga. "

Speaking in a continuous flow about the nameless and formless Sri Radha dhyana, Nanna suddenly said:

" She did not eat for one whole year. That is the wonder! She got nourishment from God. She survived only by the nourishment of Gods. We cannot see such things happening in front of our eyes. "

Nanna was referring to Sitadevi who spent one year in Ashoka garden. She survived only by the nourishment provided by Gods. That means Sita Devi is constantly in a state of meditation, hence in a higher plane. She reached a stage where she does not need food and water. Nanna literally did not take any food from April to August in 2003. Anjani Amma once worriedly asked him whether he would not become weak if he does not take any food. Nanna replied 'Who provided food to Sita devi in Ashokavana? The Gods did! In the same way, my Mother is providing me Rasa.' Ever since Nanna decided to leave for his abode, Sri Nikunj on Friday, August 15, 2003, he stopped taking any worldly related food. He survived only on Mother's rasa.

" All those who participate in the week long dhyana yoga must remain in silence. Be silent and do dhyana. This dhyana in silence is very powerful. I proposed only one week to start with. "

'Nanna, we can maintain silence in the house only for a short period. It is difficult to continue in silence for many days.'

" I said only one week. One week is not a long period. "

'Nanna, I did not mean in the ashram. We can do it near you. I am talking about the house.'

" What is the problem with being silent for one week in the house? There is nothing wrong in saying that you are maintaining silence. If they are told that you will be in silence for one week, they will not disturb you. Nobody will talk to you. Mahatma Gandhi was silent for 50 days. Who disturbed him? Penance in silence is very significant. Nobody will talk to you or disturb you. "

" This is the first lesson in the Bhagawata too. Lord Brahma was searching for his father. He searched the entire earth but could not find him. Then he heard the words from above 'Tapa! Tapa!' He understood the message; began his penance (tapa) and saw his father. So what does this imply? "

'Nanna, penance in silence is .......'

" Whatever may be the efforts of man, they cannot fructify without penance. Brahma's efforts went in vain. We also are simply making our efforts and keeping quiet. This is not enough. "

Saying that along with our efforts, we must travel inward and do dhyana, only then we can attain Mother, Nanna included himself with us when he said 'we are simply making efforts and keeping quiet.'

Nanna, your mind is so sensitive. You always include yourself with us so that we are not hurt. Otherwise what is your stature and ours? You, who are constantly in dhyana and we, who are in such a state that we cannot even make proper efforts! In this context, it is relevant to recollect Nanna's speech in Krishna Mandir, Secunderabad in February, 1997.

" God is not present somewhere in the sky. He is near you. Brahma closed his eyes and thought 'Lord Narayana, my father is telling me'. He gained God's darshan by inwardness. This is the first lesson given by Srimad Bhagawata. Don't move externally and waste your time. Your life span is short. Will God come even if your travel so much? He will not. You may feel that he has come. It is only your ego feeling. The true God will not come if you approach him externally. If you want to see the real God, you must travel inwards, within you and search your heart. That is what the Vedas preach! This is what the Gita says! "

" So the Dhyana Yoga begins with this thought. The prime Goddess of this dhyana, the Supreme Goddess is in our heart. You need not search for her. She is already present here, in your heart. 'Easwaraha Sarva Bhootanam hruddese Arjuana tishtati'-She Herself is present in the heart. 'Deham devalayam proktaha' - the body is the real shrine; not the constructed temples. The sculptors make a plan of the temple based on the body temple. We are ignoring the temple where the Lord is personally present and are moving here and there. Let us not do so anymore. Let us travel inwards. Mother is within us, in our heart's temple. "

" Now, we shall talk about dhyana. The important point in dhyana is that the Supreme Mother is in our heart every moment. She is watching whatever we think or speak. This is the philosophical secret. Mother is personally watching us every moment. You may sleep, but Mother has no sleep. She is awake within you, watching you. This is the first principle. Remember that Mother is always in your heart, awake. She does not sleep. The Supreme Goddess, the most powerful Almighty, Ruler of the world, our Mother is very merciful. We must do our job, our Sadhana when She is awake. Do not forget this under any circumstances. Do not forget Mother and do not forget that She is awake. Mother is not up somethere in the sky. She is in our heart. Always remember these three basic facts. Then only dhyana can be done. "

" Mother is watching each and every thought of yours. She is observing each and every word you utter. She is seeing every act of yours from within you. Dhyana Yoga has not yet begun. You must first learn all these points. Understand that the Supreme Mother is in your heart. She is not outside you, She is within you. "

Nanna paused for some time. Whenever Nanna spoke about Sri Radha or Sri Radha dhyana yoga, there is one point which almost everyone observes. He again and again stresses the point that 'Mother is watching us, listening to every word and observing every act.' During his speech, he will caution at least 7-8 times 'Remember this. Do not forget this.' Some may feel that Nanna is repeating the same point but it is not so. Each time he repeats the sentence, Nanna is infusing some yogic powers in us through his words. This is realized by many devotees who experienced it. Nanna's words that 'I don't merely say words; I will send some power through my words' is the irrevocable proof. So if we can receive the yogic power that the Rasika Siromani is handing us through each one of his words, we will never feel that the same points are being repeated again and again.

Nanna continued:

" Whatever you think, Mother is watching you. Whatever you speak, She is watching you. Whatever you do, She is watching you. This is the first principle. Now dhyana yoga! You must stop any thoughts that arise in your mind. You must not think anything except that Mother is here and is watching me. When the bhava that Mother is watching you is strengthened, then you can think. The Yoga begins now. I am speaking only the facts. Throughout this speech, my Mother is with me every moment. I am speaking to you as She is watching me. I am not saying anything that She will not know. The Supreme Mother is watching from within me. She is instructing me to speak. I am simply following Her instructions. You must also speak only with this bhava. Your thoughts and actions should be with this bhava. That's why it is said 'Mano Vakkayamulu' (mind, word and deeds). Mother is watching these three from within you every moment. Never forget that you are always in Her sight. This is the basic and very important principle. You must re-orient your goal so that only Mother is your ultimate goal. Mother will decide whether you must speak or not. Once he reaches beyond a stage, man gains inspiration from within him. When we think 'Mother, you only are my Master and guiding force', we cannot speak as we like. She will inspire our words from within; She will inspire our thoughts and deeds from within. We will actually experience that we are not independent. Man becomes dependent, not independent. He cannot be successful in any work if he is independent. Man is Ego. Ego! Life evolved when the soul and nature combined. But owing to the union with nature, soul lost all its power. Man became petty and weak. He does not know what to do. He does not know what is beyond this wall. Nobody knows what will happen after one hour. Though Zakir Hussain was the President of India, he did not know that he would not even drink the coffee offered to him just before he died. See how strange it is! His daughter kept the coffee cup on the table. He wanted to drink but could not. That is the human being's life. So you must link your life with Mother every moment. That is the first principle. The second is 'I am not independent. Mother is giving me inspiration from within.' This is a very great thing. That Divine inspiration should be exposed every moment. Mother will grant it to you. I will give you an example. "

" I stay in Brindavan. Once, some devotees started from Hyderabad to see me. When the train reached Jhansi, the station master informed that the first three compartments must be vacated to accommodate the military troops and another train would be arranged for these passengers. The seven devotees were among those who were asked to get down. They were very upset that their journey to Brindavan was disrupted. They felt that Mother did them injustice as they were just five hours away from Mathura. Listen carefully; you will understand what life really is! After one hour, the station master received a phone call from the next station that the train collided with a goods train and the first four compartments are totally smashed. Now, what would have been the fate of the devotees if they had traveled in that train? Mother knows everything! She is present everywhere. This is Her omnipresence. This is the all pervading and infinite nature of Mother. When we surrender to Her and depend on Her, it is Her duty to guide us every moment. She is our guide. Do not forget this. Will She come near me? Did she come near me? They are meaningless questions! She will certainly come near you. She came near me several times, hundreds of times. It will happen to you also. Is the Bhagawad Gita false? "

" 'Ananyaschinthyantho mam yejanka paryupasathe; tesham mityabhiyultanam yoga kshemam mahamyaham.' "

" Did Krishna not mean it when he said 'You must be totally in my thoughts? Then I will be at your service and take care of your welfare. These are not meaningless words. They are words of promise. This is God's vow to us. He took an oath and made the vow. Krishna's statements are all like this. 'Neevu na vadavu, nenu nee vadanu' -You are mine, I am yours. What does a wife think of her husband? 'I left behind my parent's house and came to your house. My link with that house is over. I have given up my maiden name and accepted your name.' When we are thinking like this for human beings, then why not for God? That's the whole idea. God is everything for me. Mother is with me always. She is looking after our welfare every moment. She is the all-pervading Mother! "

" The train was being damaged and crushed to pieces near Jhansi. There is a portrait of Chinnari (Radhaji) in Brindavan. While we were sitting near the portrait, Mother raised Her hand in the portrait, as if She granted us Her grace. Mother is giving Her blessings by lifting Her hand. This implies that someone is in danger and She is giving us Her assurance. Mother's hand was raised for about two minutes and then lowered again to the original posture. This incident did not happen by chance. The incident in Jhansi is not by chance. Mother is showing that "it is by My will'. She showed us Her will in this way. This is a small example to tell you that God will guide you every moment. It is said that 'you are narrating the Bhagawata; but Rama is making you speak.' It is literally true. Mother is prepared to grant Her inspiration and guidance every moment. Take it! "

" What should be the state of your mind to get Mother's inspiration? Your mind must be tuned. If your mind is tuned, you will get my voice. Before giving the injection, the doctor fills the syringe and empties it. All air is removed and vacuum is created. Unless there is vacuum, the medicine is not drawn out. So vacuum in a syringe is essential. Our mind has no vacuum. It is full of trivial meaningless thoughts. You must first empty your mind. 'Mother, I have emptied my mind for you. Please come.' Practice this regularly. Then you will get Mother's inspiration every moment; every second! She will give you guidance every moment. You must have faith in that guidance. "

Nanna said 'Mother is ready to inspire you..She is prepared to give; Take it! ...Your mind must be tuned. Then you will get my voice'. Suddenly, before we can realize what he said, he talked about doctor, injection and changed the topic.

Nanna says that if we are tuned to Mother's inspiration and guidance, we will get his voice. Every word uttered by Radhasakhi is being spoken by Radha Rani! This is what he implied when he said that Bhagawatha is being spoken by him but he is inspired to speak by Rama. When we surrender completely to Radha Rani and are tuned to Her guidance, Radha Rani and Radhasakhi will speak from within us.

" At one time, as a government officer, I was in charge of two districts. I had about 5000 subordinates. Yet I had no money in the bank. I lived an honest life. I did not take any bribe. In fact, I was due to pay two months house rent. I lived a life of poverty. I had about eight people with me. This was my state! That time a five year old girl came near me and said 'enough of this life; when will you come near me.' I replied 'right now Mother. I shall come to you immediately, this very moment without any delay.' "

" It is said that a chariot was sent by God to his devotee, Tukaram. He asked his wife to accompany him. She was cooking some items for her son-in-law and said that she would come later. By the time she finished her cooking and came, the chariot left. She suffered hell for seven years. She could not go to the higher worlds. So God will not wait for you even for a single second. You must be ready. Mother's inspiration will work in that way. It is an extra ordinary inspiration. Even now Mother is speaking and telling us what to do. We are ignoring them. She is telling us but we are not listening. If we could actually listen to Mother's words, then how wonderful our life would be! It would be great. So there is only one Sadhana for us. We must realize that Mother is watching us. I am speaking to you while Mother is watching me. I am praying while Mother is watching. I am cooking while Mother is watching. I am doing my job while Mother is watching. She is watching me from within while I am writing (files) Some body offers a bribe but I don't want the bribe. In this way, you converse with Mother every moment. This is the truth. In dhyana Yoga, Mother never asked to give up the family. You can do any job but you must always be in the awareness that 'I am in Mother's sight. She is watching me every moment. This is the truth. In dhyana Yoga, Mother never told to give up the family. You can do any job, but as long as you are in your job be in the awareness that 'I am in Mother's sight. She is watching me every moment. I am being inspired by Her. I am not independent. I am working mechanically as guided by Her.' Once you become Mother's child, strange things will happen. If you are a government employee, you will be given conveyance with petrol charges borne by the government and you will get a quarter. You will have no expenditure. But in case you use the jeep for your personal work it will be a crime and you will receive summons. In the same way you must think that this body, this temple, these sense organs - all belongs to the government, Central Government. If you follow their orders, you will get all comforts. There is no doubt about this. You need not think; you need not ask. "

" Once I decided to go to Hyderabad from Guntur. 4-5 persons planned to accompany me. One millionaire in Guntur whom I never knew since birth came to me and said. 'I understand you are going to Hyderabad today. Why do you travel in hot sun. I will provide my A.C. Car. Please travel comfortably. The car will be ready whenever you wish to return.' Who is he to make this offer to me? There is no relationship between us. Now, you must understand what is really present. When you gain Divine inspiration, when you become Mother's child, She will provide all comforts. You need not have any doubt about it. She will provide government officers with quarters, TA and DA. But, if the facilities are used for personal work, you will be in jail the next morning. Man is living his life according to karma. Here we have karma, there we have God! We are entering the kingdom of karma while working. Go ahead, no problem. Whatever the karma, I surrender to Her, and work, that is super government. This world is government; Mother is super government. She orders and I abide by them. Then I am like a government officer where all facilities are provided by the government. Listen carefully. 'She gives us everything. Everything!' She gives us all those things which we can't even imagine! "

" You must be in dhyana yoga all the time. When you are totally in dhyana yoga, you do not belong to yourself anymore. You are not independent. She will give you the inspiration. You must implicitly follow it. Tukaram may be great, his wife may be great. He received Government orders and the chariot arrived. They must get in immediately. But she thought of her son-in-law and the chariot went away. Tukaram left while she remained back crying for seven lives. This is the path of God! You must understand carefully. Though we are in the karmic world, suffering our karmas, the divine voice is with us; the divine inspiration is with us; the divine guidance is with us. This is true! This is the great secret of dhyana yoga. Just one single moment! We never know what will happen the next moment. Everything will be lost in just a moment. "

" Some matters that should not be discussed in public can be told in Mother's presence. I have some organizations. Once I needed Rs.50,000/- for some urgent work. I had no money. I promised Mother that I would never ask anyone for money. Then how to manage the situation? Exactly, at 9 p.m., I received a call from one village that a devotee wanted to see me. She requested to send someone to the station at 10 p.m. to receive her. Radha Krishna Murthy, an officer in Arya Vysya Bank received them at the station and brought them to the ashram. The next morning, after breakfast, they gave a cloth bundle to me. Rama Rao who was working in Andhra Bank opened the bundle and counted the money, it contained Rs.51,000. I needed Rs.50,000! I really don't know why they gave me that money. I don't know why they got this inspiration. We deposited the money in the bank. I don't need any money for me personally. You must understand that God's power is ready to serve us in so many ways in our lives. It is foolish to ignore such divine power and move here and there at our own will. When man is under such divine inspiration, he can do anything, anytime, anywhere. Then why fear about what will happen in our life? "

Nanna, the Radhasakhi often speaks about Sri Radha dhyana yoga. Each and every time, he mentions his own experience and guides us on the path of rasa. He explains the Vedic saying 'Mounam tapas, Satyam tapas' and enhances our interest towards incessant dhyana on Sri Radha.


Rasoasana pathaniddesan
Rasikanagari rasa prasadan
Moun mein Shyama milat nirdharan
Moun hi Shyama dhan kar sadhan

Only the grace of Shyama can initiate someone to the path of rasa. She grants rasa. It is certain that Shyamaji can be attained only in silence. Silence is the sadhana to attain Shyama rasa.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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