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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message

Nanna was explaining the tattwa of Sri Radha, who is even beyond the Vedas.

" Vedas is the most prominent among all the religious scriptures related to Hindu religion. Even Brahma and other Gods bow to the Vedas. Their importance is that they are not written by any man. Their origin is unknown. The Rishis said 'we were in Divine Samadhi when we heard them (Vedas)'. Hence they are 'Sruthis' (heard ones). The Vedas state that Brahma said 'Though I spend my entire life span it is not possible for me to describe Radhaji completely. By this, we can understand that this tattwa is a mighty, vast ocean. Valmiki wrote Ramayana; Vyasa wrote Bhagawata. But Vedas are 'Apourushas' (not written by any person). No wonder Radhaji's incarnation is also so very significant. "

" The great Sage Narada said, 'I can go anywhere without any hindrance. But I cannot enter Sri Nikunj, the abode of Sri Radha without Her permission.' There is indeed some great divinity there! "

" Radhikopanishad states - 'Krishnena aradhyateti Radha'. This is a small sentence with abundant meaning. Krishna is not an ordinary person. He is God himself! All the remaining incarnations are personification of God whereas Krishna came down to earth in the same form as he is present in his Divine Dham. Krishna's life is full of leelas! That Krishna is worshipping Radha. Her magnificence, power and leelas are infinite. "

" Radha asked Krishna 'Can't you change the Yuga Dharma? (dharma of this era). Should you simply leave things as such just because it is Kaliyuga? Is destruction of evil-doers the only way for the well being of mankind?' "

" She sees all the worlds from Her sight! She asked for Her flute. The flute is one of Her sakhis. She wanted to use the flute as Her instrument for human being's wellbeing. She sent the flute to the earth as Hita Harivamsa. The flute always plays 'Radhe Radhe' and sings about Radha. The flute distributes and spreads the unlimited grace of Sri Radha. Hitacharya said 'I witnessed the intimate life of Sri Radha and Krishna.' "

" A divine luminescence descended from above. The glow transformed into sound which took the form of verses. The complilation of these verses is Sri Radhasudhanidhi which represents Sri Radha's infinite, nectarine ocean of love. This book is the true representation of Sri Radha's life. Radhasudhanidhi contains several secrets of Sri Radha's life. Man is bound by karma. He can't be freed of this karma by any amount of penance. But the man who does incessant meditation on Sri Radha need not suffer his karmas. Incessant dhyana is the key word! The Gods of Karma will descend and take away your karmas. That is exactly why Mother came down to earth. She come not to make you experience karma but to take away your karma. "

" We are alive because we are happy for one reason or other. Mother gives happiness to Krishna, who gives happiness to the three worlds. There is no 'time' and 'karma' in Her Kingdom. You must observe how each person behaves under the influence of Karma. Radha and Krishna are the rulers of Brindavan. Maya prevents us from recollecting our sins. We live with the impression that we are pure men. Mother has the power to remind man of his sins. When Naravahana declared that he is the ruler of Brindavan, Mother reminded him of his sins. He repented and wept uncontrollably. He did not even touch the person who he was about to kill. He did not use his weapons after that. He became a changed person. Such a great yogic state that can be attained with Her grace. "

" Many mahatmas realize their sins in a yogic state and weep. You cannot repent for your sins. Your life is not enough to do so. The sinners lead a miserable life in their last days. They do many foolish deeds. You must think of Mother ; then unknown to you, you will be freed from your Karmas. My body which was to perish 40-50 years ago is still present. Mother removed my karma. If you are in a bad state at the time of death, bad karma will follow you. Instead, if you are engaged in Mother's thoughts, you will attain an elevated state. He who loses his Karma will obtain servility and think only of Mother. We can't shed our karma even for a moment because it is so strong and powerful. Even Vedavyasa and Pareekshit could not escape from Karma. Karma can be shed only by intense penance. By incessant dhyana, we will attain a radiance that is beyond name and form. "

" There are three stages - Vyakta, Avyakta, Para. Mother is taking people to the highest dham of Para. She is making us follow the path of the flute. Mother once said, 'you cannot see me. Brahma and other Gods' cannot see me. I must see you'. Mother is seeing me. I am in Her sight. She has neither name nor form. It's a strange dhyana! Do we hold Mother or does Mother hold us? As I am speaking to you, the feeling that Mother is with me is intensifying. I am even unable to continue my talk. You are all instruments. She will entrust a job and you must do it. I must give up this human life and go to Mother. We are entering that ocean. Your life will be peaceful if you develop the thoughtless mind. "

" Man who was like an emperor at one time became a beggar today. One who has divine love will not be like that. Even if when he sees a wicked person or an enemy, he will regard him as his own person. Though we are listening to religious stories, we are unable to be detached. We are listening to Bhagawata yet unable to absorb its essence. Mahatmas give us the preaching but we are not able to understand. This body may belong to the present but the soul within the body is very old. Though we are parts of God or children of millionaires, we became beggars. Without Divine love, we can't go upwards. Men like Kanva Maharshi and Bharadwaja Maharshi have great powers. "

" From now onwards, we must do dhyana in every step. Dhyana! Let us move carefully. We too had the powers that Mahatma like Saint Francis had! We must regain that power. We must move in that direction. Mother will give us the strength. Inherently, man has the power to convert the finite atom into the infinite. You have forgotten yourself. Try to remember. I have no enemies. In my view, there is no vice. Our journey is like that. We are moving in the royal path. We are prompted from within - which path to take and not to take. We must understand what action of ours will entangle the mind and what will free the mind and give moksha. "

" Good intentions and good deeds are emerging from the minds of those present in the cosmic world. We are moving even above this world. We have a radiant form. Our journey must begin from this body; the body that contains Rajoguna, anger and desire. The mind became impure. The mind which had infinite power became extremely weak and debilitated. We must not simply leave anger and desire. We must securely tie them up with God! We must see only Mother everywhere. Our journey has begun! Prakriti is a part of Mahamaya. We don't need this; we want only Mother. We must divert all the three - mind, word and body towards Mother. We must be extremely careful if we want to move even a few steps forward in the path of penance. Practice dhyana not only with eyes closed but also with your eyes open. See Mother only every moment. Whether your eyes are open or closed, you must be in penance every moment. "

" The cause of our downfall is our outward ness (bahirmukham). We must link our external with Mother. With total concentration and devotion, link your mind with Mother. As you do penance, you will have a darshan of the radiance behind your forehead. Mother is formless! You came to this world only for Her glance! She is Sookshmaroopini, infinitesimally subtle. Then how to see Her? How to address Her? Seeing the all - pervading one is the real sadhana, the real spiritual practice! You must think and meditate on the nameless and formless tattwa. It is not vacuum; it is great silence! "

" How should we view the world? What is the right way of looking at it? What do you see there? What is its use? What is your final destination? How can you reach your destination? All these points will be discussed tomorrow. So far we have seen that Mother's form is silence! We must serve Mother and see Her in the silent form. She has two forms: Bahiswaroopa (external form) and Anthaswaroopa (Inner form). Inner form needs as much attention as the external form. When we start penance, someone or other will come to you. Don't ignore them. They might have come for Mother only. She might have sent them. Consider them as Her Children. Respect them as if they belong to Her. Be careful in this aspect. "

" Once when Roopa Goswami was in dhyana, some unknown person came near him. You must stop your penance because this person is more important. When somebody comes near you when you are in penance, stop for a moment. It is not wrong. Greet him for a minute, send him back and continue your penance. But Roopa Goswami thought that there should be no interruption in his penance. It is a mistake if you consider it as an interruption. It is a part of tapas. It is a part of Mother's leela! Many kinds of leelas emerge from that silence. Observe all those leelas; don't think of anything else. "

" One person began tapas. At that time, his father was on his death bed, on the verge of dying. They were about to put oxygen, implying the gravity of the situation. Now, will this person give up penance and go near his father or will he give up his father and continue penance? Mother will create many such situations! That person came near me. I said 'leave your father and go for penance. He will be fine' After sometime his father became conscious and normal. So where is the interruption in your penance? Don't consider it as an interruption. Don't be irritated by whoever comes. Don't be angry. You must respect them and treat them warmly with a serene heart. I have illustrated this point just now. "

" Mother's form is infinite and all-pervading. Her form can be witnessed only in silence. Her form is radiant and lustrous. There is a glow behind the forehead. It is an extremely luminous form. This point is mentioned in the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. This is the gateway for all yogis. You must enter only from here. She can't be seen unless you cross the wonderfully bright ...... Many more. "

" There are no obstacles for Mother's form. Never regard Her people as ordinary ones. You must consider whole mankind as Her people. It is your duty to serve them. "

" 'Ekam sat vipraha bahudha vadanthi' - that is the true form is all times. Many people give different versions. But the truth is always one! Remember this always. Can we attain that form? Is it so easy? We cannot control our mind or speech. The how can we attain that?"

" You cannot get God even if you give your entire property. The only wealth required to attain him is his Grace. There is no other way to attain him. What can we do to obtain his grace? Nobody clearly spells out this. Don't ever dream that you can attain him through penance or rituals. You must go beyond penance or rituals. You must go beyond 'Vyakta', 'Avyakta' to attain 'Para'. "

" If you go to America, you will get job and money. What will you get by going to the Supreme Mother? Is there a divine nectarine flow there which is not found elsewhere? Yes, there is! It is our duty to realize this. It is very difficult to cross this worldly nature (Prakriti) .Next we must cross the Chinmaya world. That is also difficult. Beyond that comes 'Para' . God belongs to bhava loka. When that bhava is awakened in you, it means you have obtained visa. Bhava is the visa to go to the world of bhava. Is there any sadhana for this bhava to be awakened? No, but without this bhava, there is no visa. See how difficult it is. Our journey is towards Mother but there is no sadhana, no practice. He must shower his grace. Then what do we do? We must do sadhana so that God showers his grace. "

" Mother said 'I am always near you even if you cannot see Me. I am giving you bhava; attraction towards Me and the sweetness of My name. If I glance at somebody once, it will remain all through his life. My grace is showered only once. It will remain till eternity'. Mother is the embodiment of rasa. She is feeding us with that sweetness. You must practice Mother's dhyana and service to devotees. Mother will allocate a job to each one of us. You must do this job with attention and love. "

" Mother is everything for us - our pride, our life! Neither will Mother leave us nor will we leave Mother even for a moment. Have no fear even if you give up japa and tapa. I am constantly in Her dhyana only. I do not forget Her even for a moment. That is absolute surrender! Sadhana does not mean merely penance and rituals. Mother will come only when there is service, generosity, selflessness and affection. We must look after Mother with love. You must reach such a state that you cannot live without Her. It is your duty to call Her. You must also retain Her when she comes. He, who has surrendered to Her cannot live even for a moment without Her. In one of the songs which I composed, I wrote about the relationship between Mother and me and the state of separation from Her. 'Na prana pranama Sri Krishna roopama....'. "

" I cried for Mother several times. You will realize how wonderful that weeping is and how wonderful Mother is! She gave you all the opportunities. She gave you a good tutor. The graceful, kind Mother is always there. With all these, you must attain Mother in this life only. "

Saying that 'She gave all opportunities' Nanna added that 'She gave a good tutor'. Who said that she gave a good tutor? Will Nanna say so about himself? It does not seem so. Nanna once said 'Whenever I give a talk, a Goddess 'Mahavani' is always beside me'. It appears that this Goddess may have uttered this sentence!

Nanna continued.

" I gave you an idea how the heart will function if you surrender to Her. Your heart will always yearn for Mother (in an emotional voice). Your heart will be weeping 'how could I leave Mother. I have no money but I don't care. But I do not have Mother...' That is Mother's love. That is Her power! That is Her pleasantness! You must maintain this bhava at all times. You don't need anything else. Just service! If you don't maintain seva you will be in trouble. We must do seva every moment. "

" Ramadas did not maintain Sri Rama's seva continuously. That's way he was sent to jail and he suffered a lot. It is very problematic if you do not maintain this. Many people are unable to maintain this. It is easy to get Mother, but difficult to retain Her. Incessantly! I narrated one of the many leelas in my life. That's why I am specifically saying - Mother will come to you but you must retain Her. "

" I am doing the seva decided by Her. When Her people arrived, I must serve them. You are Her people. It is my duty to serve you. The disciples should do what their Master dictates. Mother sent word through them. I shall abide by Her orders and give the speech. I am talking to you only according to Her will. "

" The building construction work is going on in Brindavan even up to midnight. They are doing Mother's work. I served them hot tea and cajoled them to drink the tea. Why did I cajole them? Because they are Her children! They are doing Mother's job. It is my duty to serve them. They are diligently working even at 1.00 a.m. They are not ordinary human beings. They are great people. I am citing examples. I will explain tattwa along with examples; otherwise it is very difficult to understand. "

" Now we shall move on to 'Nityopasana' (regular worship). I mentioned that man has two faces - external and internal. We want both the faces. The external face is the reason for our downfall. Mostly we have external face, we hardly have an internal face. With the external face we want money, woman, family... By concentrating on them and loving them, we have fallen. So our downfall is due to the external form. Our seva is also with external form, hence we are falling. We must rectify this state. Then only Mother will uplift you from the external form itself. "

" Don't consider anyone as inconsequential. Treat everyone with respect. This seva is very strange. I respect whoever comes near me. You feel that you came here for your need. That's not true. You come for my need. My Mother (emotionally) should be happy. It is not you who must be pleased, my Mother should be pleased. It is for Her happiness that I must preach properly. I must preach and give you everything. I must regard you. That's why I am getting sweets prepared daily to serve you. You are a part of the royal family, you must be treated with due respect, hence the sweets. As you are Her representatives, I shall offer the sweets to Her and give you Her Prasad! That is why Mother is here. She is watching each and everything. Yesterday is the 7th day since Dhyana yoga commenced. We are incurring expenditure but I will not count how much. She sent somebody yesterday. He told me to take the money and placed Rs. 10,000/- on the table. Everybody knows why he offered that money. Mother sent him! We need to spend money for 40-50 people this week. I shall not ask anybody. She will send someone. Mother is telling me that this is Her work, not mine. It is only Her work! Whatever you do is Her work. Your food is also Mother's work. Understand carefully. Your taking meal is Her work, not yours. I will explain later. So you must do Her work properly. I need money to make arrangements for you. I am a poor man with no money. Mother must provide the money, otherwise where do I have the money? So She arranged the Rs. 10,000. I am spending that money for the past three days. Anyway, this is Mother's seva only. You too must see Mother every moment. Your mind, word and body should be associated with Mother. Any thought in your mind should be for Her only. She is providing the thought. She gave me thought to provide tea and I did. She told me to provide snacks and coffee for you, so I did. In this way both sevas - external and internal must take place continuously. "

" Now about 'Antarmukha seva' - internal seva. Listen carefully, this is a secret from Patanjali's yoga sutras. There is a glow within, behind the forehead. That is the Sri Mukha of God. As you do penance, you can see the glow. That radiance is Mother's form! 'Ah my Mother has come. She is the radiant form'. You can understand Mother in this way. Normally it will take a few days for one to see this form. For some people, it may take a longer time. "

" The second question - in which form is Mother present? Where is She? Mother is formless. She cannot be seen. God's sight is our real protection. This sight is our future. Mother is the cosmic form that has filled all the worlds! "

" 'Vasudeva sarvamiti' - God is all-pervading. He has spread everywhere. 'Bahunam janmanamante' - you have lived so many lives before you came here. You are experiencing the result of so many lives. 'Gnanavan ma prapadeya yate' - only now you have come to the right path. 'Vasudeva sarvamiti' - God's form that is present everywhere. Two conditions must be fulfilled - it should be all pervading and it should be God's form. "

" My Mother is present everywhere; divinity is also there. So this is the actual and complete Divine form. Both these conditions must be fulfilled. She is formless. Once She is present everywhere, She can't be with form; She is formless. If someone says this is my Mother and keeps a small photo, it does not represent the complete Mother. The saligrama seva is for the incapable ones. In childhood you may have learnt 'Om namah'. You might also be uttering it aloud. This is like the school children repeating words after the Master. A collector had two daughters. The second daughter was studying in Ist standard. The elder one passed M.Sc. The younger daughter told her father, 'My sister does not study. Only I am studying well. She is simply looking at her books. She is cheating us. I am studying well and loudly. Sister does not read, she silently turns the pages. She is cheating us'. The father laughed and said, 'this is called silent reading. You are small; so you do not know this. You read loudly. You cannot understand unless you repeat loudly.' Then she understood the difference between the two ways of reading. She realized that her sister is also studying! "

" That is silence! That is real way - silence and not sound. No other person should be present; only you and your deity. There is no place for a third person. If you want to do incessant dhyana on Mother, you must be alone; without any second person. You cannot move on two horses simultaneously. You will fall. Mount only one horse, preferably a high class one. Arabian horses are good. They travel for 150 miles per hour. So engage a high class horse and travel on that one. Don't look for cheap horses. Some people may sell donkeys as horses. They mislead you saying that it is a horse not a donkey, and also that all the horses in their village look just like that one! Don't buy them. "

" You must realize that there are two kinds of significant sevas. Look for the highest Mother. You must decide whether your deity is the highest or not; whether you are looking at a horse or donkey. Don't accept any and everything. Don't worship anybody just like that. It is wrong to worship anything except God. It is a mistake towards divinity. "

" Radha is the highest deity. There is only one way to reach Her; only one type of Sadhana. 'I am always with Mother. I won't speak without Mother. She is the most magnificent and splendorous. Even Krishna worships Her.' Remember this and make your life filled with Mother, strength, power and rasa. This is your best chance. "

Nanna said, 'This is your best chance to make your life filled with Mother, power and Rasa. How did it become the best chance? Even Brahma and others could not describe Radha Mahadevi, who is worshipped by Krishna himself. Brahma accepted that his life span is not enough to describe Her. Who has the authority to speak about the Supreme Goddess? Once Nanna said, 'only I have the ability and authority to speak about Radha. Because only he who had Her darshan can speak about Radha and Sri Radha dhyana yoga.' Such a Nanna the Radhasakhi is telling us about Mother. Really can there be a best chance than this one?

Nanna continued:

" "Avyakto Vyaktapara" - says the Vedas. The entire universe is contained in three floors. We are in the first floor: Vyakta - manifested creation. Above this is Avyakta - unmanifested creation. That which is beyond manifested and manifested is still above these two creations. That is where we must finally reach. Paraha: is at the uppermost level. "

" Now how must we address Mother? We must reach the top floor. But there is no name or form there, as it is present here. Then how can we go there, where there is no name and form? Yet we must go; we must learn. And the learning is possible here only. According to us, that which is nameless and formless is the highest. He who has nothing is empty; he has no name or form; he is a fool. In reality, that which has no name or form is the highest. The highest Supreme is nameless and formless. One day, even after several ages we must reach the nameless and formless divine Mother. How do we worship the nameless and formless tattwa? If there is a name and form, we can visualize. But She has no name or form. How to concentrate your thoughts (chintana) on something that has no name or form? How is it possible? Is this the real dhyana? For real dhyana, we must have a beautiful face with beard and moustache. But we say these don't exist. I have no beard, no moustache oh! If I wear a saree... but that is also not there - in fact there is nothing.We must go there where there is nothing. "

What did Nanna say? ' .... I have no beard, ... which has nothing.' Ah! He so very clearly stated that he is the Radhasakhi, who is always a partner in Sri Radha rasa. While speaking about the way in which we must meditate on the nameless, formless Sri Radha, he added that he has no beard or moustache to symbolize him as our Guru. By saying 'nothing is there! We must go to that which has nothing', he implied that just like Radha, Radhasakhi is also a formless entity with no external symbolic indications.

" That which has nothing naturally has no name or form. So in dhyana, we must meditate only on the nameless and formless. I will not grant you any words (chanting) or form. There are three worlds - prakriti, chinmaya and above all, bhava. Some yogis reach chinmaya loka. The highest stage is even beyond the yogic stage. That is bhava loka. The trivial world, with name and form is here, the lowest, the prakriti. Only name and form are the cause for man's downfall. What does man see? He sees if the bride is good-looking? She is okay; but her teeth are protruding out; that's not good; so let us reject her. How disgusting! What about this girl? She is fine but her hair is not too good, let us reject her. We are interested only in name and form. The name and form is the bride. Only if name and form are good, the girl becomes the bride; otherwise there is no wedding. So our weddings arise out of ignorance called name and form. The very basis of marriage is this ignorance; that's why they are fading out too. The couple is each on his own. They live together for sometime and then get separated. It's a short span of living together. God said 'You see beauty, we will take care of life span'. So you worry about beauty, I shall take care of the life span. "

While saying that 'Gods said that you see beauty and we will take care of life span, Nanna immediately continued, 'You see beauty and I shall take care of life span.' How clearly he indicated that he is the God who takes care of our life span.

" So we have no name or form before us. We must reach that which has no name or form. Difficult indeed! But we have no other option, however difficult. The only way is through silence. The Vedas proclaim 'Mounam tapas, satyam tapas'. That which is present today and disappears tomorrow is not the truth. That which shines today, tomorrow and forever is the truth. Truth is the support for this world with name and form. Truth is beyond time - past, present and future. That truth cannot be obtained unless you are in silence. Sometime or other you must practice silence. In that abstract silence, in that vacuum, you can see many pictures. As you continue to watch that silence.... "

Nanna began to weep.

" One who sees Mother weeps first. Unless he weeps, he cannot see Mother. Tears are the eyes that can show you Mother's form. Our eyes are not those eyes. See the whole world through Mother. We are not weak. We possess mighty power. You must purify the water you drink and the food you eat. If you maintain a link with Mother constantly, she will not allow Maya to strengthen. It is in your hands to purify, strengthen and make an object spiritual. Don't go deep into Vedanta. You will suffer. "

" We are linked with Mother. Everything is moving smoothly. You must not face any kind of criticism. If you prayed to other Gods so far, you can stop from now. Nothing is wrong in that. She is the highest - She is worshipped even by Krishna. So you must worship Her. Once somebody asked me why are you praying to Mother alone? I replied 'Not to Her alone, but to both'. Krishna emerged from Mother. The person who asked me the question bowed to me. She is both, Shakti and Swamini! "

'Nanna, is it not wrong to give up Sandhyavandana and other prayers which we are doing since childhood?' Srinivas asked.

" Chaturvarnyam maya spashtam - The four Varnas (castes) have been created by me. The Sandhyavandana and other prayers are related to these Varnas. Mother is the source of all these varnas. Radha is the core strength of all Gods. The power house is situated at all other places. Mother is present. Everything arose from Her. The Om is like alphabets! "

'Should we give up all the habits we have developed till now?' somebody asked.

" This is what you had since the beginning, other habits came mid-way. Flow of rasa is the purest flow that Mother provides. That rasa is supporting the world. We are worshipping Radha. To worship Her, you must reverse the letters in Her name. 'Dhara' is the reverse of 'Radha'. 'Dhara literally means flow. So your chintana should be continuous flow. "

'Omityakaksharam' : the actual source of Om is rasa. Upanishads said 'Rasovaisaha'. Rasa is the personification of God. All powers, God's incarnations and creation emerged from that rasa dhara. Sri Radha is the Supreme ruler of Rasa, which the source of everything. Nanna kindly handed us such a Divine Mother as the deity of our worship.


Radha chintan yog hi banti
Radha hi prem sudha rasavanthi
Jai Jai Radha jayawanthi
Kunj Viharini Jai Madhuvanthi

Sri Radha is the embodiment of the loving nectarine rasa. True yoga is union with Sri Radha rasa. We bow to Radha who ushers in joy and welfare, who is the personification of rasa and who resides in Nikunj.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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