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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message

We reached Brindavan on 12th September to attend Radhashtami celebrations. Almost 400 people attended this function. Nanna celebrated Radhashtami function grandly in a love-filled environment. Each one of us was immersed in the sweetness of that love.

On the day after the function (14th), many of us surrounded Nanna. The Radhasakhi was laughing and lovingly talking to us, as one among us. Gradually, he diverted the mundane talk towards 'Maya' and how it destroys man.

" Yoga maya unites Jeevatma with Paramatma. Mother is the embodiment of Yogamaya. "

Is Mother only not Paramatma (Supreme Divine)?

" She is different. Normally Paramatma (Supreme Divine) is different. The dham of of Paramatma (Abode of Supreme Divine) is also different. "

Then can we assume it is Krishna?

" You can assume anything; that is the dham of Paramatma and is known as 'Parandham'. "

Is it the same 'Para' (Transandental) as in 'Avyaktovyakto Para' which you told us because that 'Para' is none other than Mother?

" No, there are many levels in 'Para', not just one plane. This is one of those levels in Para. "

That means Mother will unite this, Jeevatma with that Paramatma in Parandham!

" Yes. That is also She only! Mother does that work also. There can't be two 'Sakhtis'. It is said 'Swayameva nayika '- that means there is only one Sakthi (Divine Power). That single power multiplied into innumerable powers. All these ordinary powers are also Mother! That is the real Vedanta. There is only one single power. "

Nanna, Mother unites Jeevatma with Paramatma. What about those who desire to reach the holy feet of Mother?

" They must go still further; not just Paramatma. They must go beyond this. That is not known as any dham, whereas this is Parandham. Her name itself is 'Nikunj' so Mother's abode is Nikunj, not any dham. "

But, Nanna in the past, we referred to it as rasa dham

" Parandham is not Rasa. Only Nikunj is rasa. "

Nanna remained silent for some time. I asked 'Nanna will we attain Parandham by performing rituals and penance?'

" Yes, that's all. Patanjali wrote "Ee drusaha Paramatmayam Pratyagatma tade druvaha tatsambandhanth'' "

" Yoga is the union of Jeevatma and Paramatma. This is the Paramatma that even Lord Brahma has seen but not the highest. "

" Patanjali said 'Eee drusaha Paramatmayam Pratyagatma.." the Pramatma here is different. It is in 'Para' but as Paramatma. This is the Paramatma that Brahma saw by penance. "

'Nanna, yesterday you mentioned that Sakhis hold each others hands and dance around Mother but they will never hold Her hands.'

" I already said there is only one (power). She will never hold their (Sakhis) hands. They will be at a distance and serve Her. They can't hold Her hands. I requested Mother that I should not be given a name. Let say my name is Lalita, I shall be called Lalita Sakhi. That means this Lalitha is between Mother and me. This is Prakriti. I requested Her not to give me any name so that I am always with Her, without any gap between us. Since I desired this, She held my hand. "

'Did She hold your hand Nanna? We know that she said you are Radhasakhi'.

" Now, I am Radhasakhi. Anajani Amma was astonished when saw this in her vision. "

'What did Anjani Amma see?'

" She saw that Mother held my hand. "

'Anjani Amma saw that a little girl emerged from Jaipur Amma (Radhaji's idol in Brindavan) and another girl emerged from Nanna. Both held one another's hands and danced', Bharathi said.

" Nobody else had this blessing. "

'When Anjani amma opened her eyes, she saw that Nanna's hands were in a dancing pose.' Bharathi said.

'When did Anjani Amma have this vision?'

'On 11th September' Vijayalakshmi garu said.

The conversation then shifted towards the house in front of our Ashram.

" I am planning to buy that house. "

I am told they quoted Rs. 5 lakhs.

" Yes, I want to purchase that house for Rs.5 lakhs and construct a house with at least 8 rooms.. "

'If you construct a big hall, it will be good for conducting Rasa leela....'

" Is my hall not enough for that? It will accommodate 200 people. There will not be any outsiders. "

Nanna paused for sometime and continued:

" There is only one Radha according to Vedas and other religious scriptures. No second one! "

" Doctor Indira was suffering from back ache since many years. The doctors said there was no cure. I said I would cure here within one hour. She reached here yesterday. Now she is totally relieved of pain. Many people danced in the Sobhayatra (Mother's procession) yesterday evening. I am told that even she danced blissfully. Somebody even held her when she was about to fall.. Mother is Hladini Sakthi. "

'With your grace, I was able to have a touch of Hladini last night.'

" Did you realize? "

'Just a little bit, that too with your grace. Even Rangammakka danced.'

" Is it? Did you dance well? I am feeling shy to see your dance. "

Nanna shook his waist. We all laughed heartily at Nanna's gesture.

" I understand that one shopkeeper danced as he poured milk! "

Yes Nanna. He stretched his hands away from each other and danced as he was cooling the milk. Not a single drop of milk spilt down. He had a cheerful expression on his face. He danced saying Radhe, Radhe!.

" This is absolutely wonderful. Another stout lady -------- "

Yes, an elderly stout lady around 85 years old; she danced so fast.

" Ah! ...the real idol will come for the Prathishta (intallation) occasion. We shall engage a chariot and take a procession with Mother in that chariot. One lady is preparing a golden crown worth Rs.75,000/-. We shall put that crown for Her. Two girls dressed as Sakhis shall accompany Her. "

Just then Sayakka came near us. Nanna told her

" Rangamma danced in the festival. You too must dance like this.. "

Now I have reduced by 20 kg with naturopathy..

Last year also Rangammakka danced for Radhashtami. This year the intensity was more...

" You will not have complete control over your body and senses. That Hladini Sakhi is tremendous power! Mother showed you just a little of that power. She will show a lot more for 'Pratishta'. You will become senseless! I think even all the shopkeepers will come out then. That is Her power! "

" Our mind is in the present; we are all in the lower world. Mother resides in the upper most world! This is also in the mind! 'Mana yeva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoh'. The same mind is responsible for bondage and salvation. Mother takes the mind above these and gives us the dance! Hladini Sakthi does not act in the lower world. "

'Ah! That means everyone in the lower world have gone up that moment.'!

" Yes. Mother lifts you up without you being aware of it. Then you are not here. You will not even know when you came back. She will lift you and make you dance in the upper world. "

'That's why everybody's dance was good. Sriranga danced from the moment it began till we returned back, non stop for 3 hours. We don't know how she could do it.'

" You will not know. If you are aware, you cannot do it. The people here said that such a procession never took place in the history of Brindavan. Everything on earth is trivial. Hladini sakthi will not come down into this trash. So she will lift the person upwards. In that world, you don't feel shy, conscious or proud, only elated! "

" When Mother's real idol arrives, you will become rapt and immersed in that splendour. We cannot even explain our state when we adorn Mother's idol in a saree and gold ornaments. "

Nanna was visualizing that scene.

'The Mother in the portrait, who we are seeing daily, appeared lively during the procession yesterday.'

" At that time, Mother's idol will be present in all splendour and beauty. And when adorned with saree and ornaments......Lalitha and Visakha Sakhi will be on either sides. It will be wonderful. That time the procession shall be only on the main road, not in any lane. Naturally, because it will be in a chariot! Many people will be in gopi dress that day. You came in ordinary dress; you must be in Gopi's dress. I think about 20-30 people will come. Mother likes that. "

Nanna said filled with bhava.

'Nanna, even when we came back after the procession, we could not sleep the whole night. We felt some happiness within us. We were speaking about Mother till 3 a.m.'

" Even someone like Manmadha became mad. Then what can you say? He is kama deva (God of desire) for the whole world. He also succumbed to Her power. She is so mightily powerful! "

" Naravahana committed so many sins. Several women became widows due to his atrocities; several children became orphans. Such a sinner became a Mahatma by Her touch. "

" Let me narrate one incident. Once when Mother was taking bath, Krishna came to see Her. Her Sakhis obstructed him and said 'how can you go in when She is taking bath. We do not permit you to enter.' Krishna said, 'I can't control myself anymore. I must see Her.' When he asked them how he can enter, they said 'become a sakhi and enter.' Then he became a Sakhi and served Her. You can't even imagine such leelas! That Hladini power is such tremendous power. "

'Nanna, we never heard this incident before!'

" This happened in Nikunj. When he was still not satisfied, he wanted to plait Her hair. The Sakhis agreed. He plaited Her hair and arranged flowers. While doing so, he was weeping. You can't imagine. "

Nanna was immersed in that bhava. I requested him to grant me permission and the necessary strength to write a book on Sakhi tatwa.

" Such people have some specific qualities. They cannot speak about Mother; they weep. They cannot think of Mother; they weep. Then how it is possible to write? "

'It is not possible Nanna. It is indeed impossible to write in totality but I wish to write at least a little bit with your grace! It is not possible for anyone to completely speak or write about Mother or Her Sakhi. My main focus is on Radhasakhi.'

" Vedanta does not speak about Mother. Did you include this point? "

'I have not written that much as yet!'

" When I think of Mother, I can't stop myself from weeping. I can't speak about Mother. That is Sakhi tattwa. One who makes causal remarks is not a Sakhi. She cannot give a lecture. Even if she does talk, we cannot believe her. "

'Nanna, I can't write in totality. With your blessings, I wish to write at least a little. Please bless me.'

" When you write, you must mention that they cannot speak without weeping. "

'I shall write about this point Nanna. While in Guntur, you said that the Hitachowrasi Sanghraha Swaroop should also be included'.

" Yes, we can't describe how he wept! Mother could not bear his weeping and lifted him up near Her. That is the true story! "

" Hitaharivamsaji wept so much----, so much. He hit his head against the floor crying out to Mother 'You left me; how can I live'? Haridasji was also like that. He thought of Mother, became unconscious and died. You weep when Her love overflows. When the dam bursts, water overflows. Such devotees eyes are always full.; your tears should flow like that. What happens when a vessel full of water is tilted even a little? "

'The water spills out, Nanna'.

" That's right. The vessel is full of water. Even a little jerk will spill out the water...that is sakhi tattwa. When you just think of Mother's name, tears.... "

After remaining in a state of bhava for a very long time, Nanna added:

" That must be described. "

Nanna , I can't do anything. It is you. As you tell------------

" Whatever it may be, that bhava must be felt. Sakhi is not simply in appearance. Sakhi is not giving speeches. Sakhis never gave lectures. Once Mother came near one Sakhi and found that she was weeping. When Mother asked why she was crying, the Sakhi replied, 'I have not seen you since morning. That is why I am crying.' It is so difficult to define that bhava. "

Yes Nanna. We cannot define; we cannot describe. You suggested a title for this book - Reach Radhaji through Sakhi

" The people will not understand. "

The main title will be in Telugu. You wanted the English title to be written below the telugu one.

" The people will not understand. (Nanna repeated) "

'Then how should the title be.?

" The people will not understand. (Nanna repeated) "

" One Sakhi was dancing. She was weeping while dancing. She wept in this way for a while and fell down on Mother in a swoon. It is clearly mentioned in 'Chaitanya Chritamrutham that 'the eyes of Chiatanya Mahaprabhu were never dry.' His eyes were always moist. That is Chaitanya! That is the life of a Sakhi! You must write about all these points. "

'Did Chaitanya attain Sakhi bhava?'

" He did. He attained sakhi bhava now and then. Whenever he did, he was weeping. "

" We cannot even imagine how great Mother is! She is so great! You are not able to realize Her greatness because She descended on earth. She came down here for us. "

Nanna began to weep.

'She came down with love.'

" It is beyond your imagination. We are fools..... "

" About 6-7 days back, I was almost blind. I did not tell anybody. You had to identify yourself by name, as Nagamani, otherwise I would not know. Mrs. G.S. Murthy jested 'those who come to Nannagaru must identify themselves, otherwise he will not speak.' Everybody actually did that when I was in that state. Mother came near me on Friday night directly! She just touched me and my blindness was gone. I regained my sight after two or three days. I am surprised that I am able to see you all like this even without wearing spectacles. "

Did you ask Radha Mahalakshmi Amma about this incident?

" I asked her who came on Friday. She said 'Mother came directly from above. She came near you, touched you and then went back. She did not see anybody else in Brindavan'. I am feeling very sad about this. "

'Sad, Nanna', I was surprised.

" I felt sad because she did not see anybody else in Brindavan. "

Nanna's heart is so delicate. Though the Supreme Goddess worshipped even by Krishna came down all the way from Sri Nikunj to see him; the Sakhi's heart felt sad that the other people in Brindavan did not have the fortune of Her Darshan! Is it an ordinary thing that such a Mother descended from rasa loka to this earth? All the God's worlds would have watched Her with curiosity. Because She came down all the way only for Radhasakhi, all the 14 worlds would have understood what Nanna is!

'Nanna, Radha Mahalakshmi Amma told that Mother came down only to see you'.

" That's true. She came down, saw me and went back. She did not go anywhere else... she sowed a sapling; told us to grow that and left. Jha garu called a doctor the next day. He gave some eye drops for one month and said there would be good improvement in my sight. "

'We have a big programme ahead of us, Nanna, we must travel from Berhampur to Madras...' Sekhar said.

" I am purchasing a car. "

'You told it would take two years to purchase a car. Mother's job must be performed for two years in this way', Sekhar said.

'On Guru Poornima, you said that Mother's job would take two years to complete'.

" I think in another year I can purchase a car. I have decided to buy a Sumo. "

'By then if our books will be printed, we can take them in the car....

" We must print a small book. "

'Shall we do it for 'Pratishta' function?'

" We must distribute that book to everyone on Pratishta day. "

'Will we not distribute the volumes of 'Brindavaneswari Sri Radha' to everybody?'

" It is impossible to distribute those books to everybody. We will need thousands of books. We shall print 5000 copies of a small book. It is not yet complete. It will contain four chapters. First, how man was when he was a part of God. Our greatness, our powers etc. That was our life originally! We have fallen from such a life. Second, what is the cause of our downfall? When man falls in this way, he must be uplifted and only Mother can uplift him. So the third Chapter is completely about Mother! Finally, what must you do to have a darshan of Mother. The fourth chapter will describe about sadhana - how to reach Her directly through Sadhana. The fifth additional chapter: many will desire to have Her darshan but do not have the power. I have established an institution for such people here - every month there will be a week's dhyana on Mother. As long as the Sun and moon exist, these Saptahas will be celebrated every month. There will be 16 people in each batch. We will make all arrangements for these 16 people. They must learn and leave; then the 2nd batch............. "

'Will you tell them in advance that it will be incessant Radha dhyana?'

" The first day will be my teaching. The Saptaha will effectively begin from 2nd day. "

'You may teach them. But should they take an oath that they will not meditate on any other God while they are here.....'

" They will not be allowed to enter unless they take the oath. I will not allow people who try to ride two horses simultaneously. We are happy even if we have a small number. Many people have expressed their interest to come here. We must go by car and distribute some papers to inform people about this Saptaha. If they know that such an opportunity exists, many people from Berhampur, Madras, Delhi, Hyderabad... will apply. This must continue forever! So every body must be informed in advance. We plan to have one Saptaha a month with 16 members in each batch. "

" Swami Vivekananda wrote in a letter - 'God lives in Bhava loka. Whoever does not possess bhava is not entitled to get into that land'. We must go to Bhava loka; so we must attain bhava deha. Nobody can give such bhava; no God can give that bhava. Radha alone can grant that bhava! That is why worshipping Radha is so great. Very great! It is mentioned in the Vedas that 'Krishnastu Bhagawan Swayam' - Krishna is God himself! Once the Gods went to Brahma and asked 'Why should we worship only Radha'? Brahma said, 'My life span is not enough to describe Radha's life'. His life span is 12,960 thousands of crores of years. He says that his life span is not enough! Why is it so? There is one difference between Mother's life and our life. Her leela grows every moment. The scriptures write that every moment Radha leela grows. Her silence is leela; Her speech is leela. Who can describe such a Leela? Nobody. There was a Leela yesterday; another the day before yesterday. Eve rsince we started celebrating Her birthday function on Radhashtami, so many leelas occurred here. We cannot describe them. I am writing 8 volumes with the name 'Brindavaneswari Sri Radha Devi. 'The 5th Volume has been released now. Volumes 6,7 and 8 will follow. We will distribute a small book all over the earth. We shall travel by car from Guntur to Madras, Cuttack, Hyderabad - everywhere and spread word about Mother. That is the next plan. This is the birthday celebration of such an infinite Mother, the embodiment of exquisite happiness. Radha came down as a little girl. No God came down in this way. She descended from that world as a 3 year old girl. As she was descending down, the people of every world paid homage to Her saying 'Mother, you are going down to earth! I also obtained that 3 year old Radha. (The day after tomorrow) the idol to be installed is the 3 year old girl. We are worshipping the 3 year old child. It is that 3 year old child who performed innumerable leelas. Such an extra-ordinary history! That's why you all have come here. You have taken Her Prasad. You are all blessed. You have come to participate in Mother's function. This evening, we will have a procession taking Mother into the whole town. You all must try to participate in this procession. I could not say much. We cannot! Radhe Radhe Radhe "

We all said Jai Jai Sri Radhe.

Having told everything to be told, Nanna said 'I could not say much. We cannot'. Who else but Nanna, the Radhasakhi can speak about Radhaji and Her silent Dhyana!


Sakhi Radha ras mein rahati
Jagat mein nit Shyama ras bhart
Niravadhi Shyama dhyan sikhawat
Shyama chintan ras ko pilawat

Sakhi fills the world with Radha rasa; constantly lives in the world of Shyama rasa. She is always teaching incessant Shyama dhyana. She provides the taste of Shyama chintana rasa.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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