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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message
19.12.2000, Guntur Ashram

Tthe auspicious Radhashtami function was celebrated splendidly that morning. After taking Mother's prasad, we all surrounded Nanna. He who speaks about nothing else but Mother began to tell us about the all pervading light of rasa.

" Mana yeva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoh - The same mind is the cause for both bondage and salvation. How far is the mind attached? Which mind is not attached? It is important to understand these issues. "

" First and foremost you must understand when the mind is in the base (lower) plane and when the mind is in the transcendental plane. In other words, what is lower mind and transcendental mind? This is the lesson taught by Mother. It must be clearly explained (in the book)-upto what level is the base mind and what level is the transcendental mind! This must be analyzed every moment. "

Nanna, you once said in Guntur ashram that one who really loves Radha Rani will also love Her dog! If he does not do so, it can be assumed that he does not love Her! I always remember this point...

" That is termed 'Universal love!' The Gita mentions about this Universal love in one verse. This verse is the crown of the whole Gita. "

Nanna, you once said in Guntur ashram that one who really loves Radha Rani will also love Her dog! If he does not do so, it can be assumed that he does not love Her! I always remember this point...

Bahunam janmanamante gnyanavan mam rapadyate, Vasudeva sarvamiti smahatma sudurlabhaha

" Vasudeva sarvamiti-It is only Vasudeva who is present everywhere (emotionally). This is Mother's verse. It is related to Her! The same meaning is implied in one of the verses in Bhagawata: "

Indugaladandu ledani Sandeham valadu chakri ...

" This is the crown of Bhagawata. You don't really need the other verses. You will enjoy listening to them but will not attain salvation. It is only this one verse that will help you. This is the secret! It was only then that God came to the devotee's rescue. God will not come until you surrender to His all pervading nature. Once God comes..... "

" It is the same in our case also. When you are in that dhyana only, God will come to you. Do not doubt whether God who is present here is not present elsewhere. This thought applies to Mother also. When Prahlada uttered this verse, God appeared before him. "

" It really means that whoever lives in the bhava of that verse, it is Mother's love. She will certainly come to you! "

" Coming to what you asked about the dog, you must see the dog with bhava. You must not see it as a dog because in that bhava the dog does not exist! Mother is everything! You must attain that bhava. It is not a dog or a pig..only Mother everywhere! "

'Should we understand this as Mother being superimposed on everything?'

" Yes, the feeling of Mother's superimposition must be attained. I told you about the snake in S.Kota. I was in a state of superimposition at that time. That is why the snake did not exist for me. It is wrong to consider it as a snake because it was Mother. That is why I could hug the snake. I am stating the fact-I hugged the snake so tightly (Nanna began to weep).That was not a snake anymore. If it was a snake, it would have bitten me! In a state of superimposition, any object will not appear as that object. The snake is not a snake, a tiger is not a tiger. Only Mother! This is real.....this is Mother's philosophy! This point must be explained in our books. Sakhi has this bhava. Only the one who adopts this tattwa is a sakhi. This is one of the attributes of a sakhi. "

'Nanna! Will sakhi bhava be attained only when positive and negative combine?'

" Not necessarily. What does negative imply? "

'You said that the world must be viewed as an illusion.'

" That is one interpretation. The second aspect is understanding Mother's plane. Upto which level is it Mother's plane? Which is the lowest plane? What is Mother and what are you? What is this world and what is Mother?Can you answer these questions? "

'Nanna, sometimes we have all positive thoughts, we feel affection and love for everyone. This is bhava related to Mother. This is the upper plane. When we are angry and anxious, when we recollect insults and injustice-all this is the lower plane'.

" Mother is everywhere-this is the upper plane. It is not Mother everywhere, this is a snake, this is a tiger-such thoughts pertain to lower plane. You must understand in this way. "

" When you are in the higher plane, you can experience incessant dhyana. What is incessant dhyana? Sakhi bhava and incessant dhyana are interlinked; bhava which is not sakhi bhava is only ordinary! If you must be a Sakhi, you must always be in incessant dhyana. What does this mean? "

'Nanna! Can dhyana amalgamating negative and positive aspects be considered as incessant dhynana?'

" You can ignore the negative aspect and concentrate on the positive. Now, what is positive aspect and what is incessant dhyana? "

'The thought that only Mother is everywhere.. '

" What is incessant Nama (name)? "

Nana is the sound that transmits within us. During dhyana yoga, you mentioned that even name need not be uttered. While uttering 'Radhe...', when the sound 'e' enters within us, the name does not exist thereafter. This will continue within......

'The name that went within us continuously, without any link....'

" That is not the right perception. When we utter 'Radhe' once the 'e' should not be completed. 'Radhe. before the name ends the next should begin. The second should start before the first ends. That is incessant dhyana! Radhe.Radhe.Radhe..this should not end. "

'But when you taught, Dhyana Yoga , you said that we must try to utter 'Radhe', just once for as long as possible within us.'

" Both are the same. Now I am saying that before the first name ends, the second should being. This should happen continuously. Radhe, Radhe.Radhe..within three days you will start weeping. If you are weeping, it means that you have entered Her kingdom. Even when you utter Her name, you weep. You must enter Her kingdom. Once you enter, your dhyana will be continuous. "

'Entering Mother's kingdom means feeling Mother everywhere! There is nothing which is not Mother. It is essential that the mind remains in that higher state. Is it correct, Nanna?'

I am trying to understand clearly from Nanna what does entering Mother's kingdom and incessant dhyana happening there means.

" Everything means the same! You need not differentiate. When you utter the name, everything will happen automatically. You must utter name incessantly. Then it means you are in Her kingdom. Radhe...Radhe..Radhe..Radhe...Radhe..Radhe..Radhe...That is Mother's kingdom, no doubt! "

'But no sound should be heard...'

" There is no need to say that! When you initially enter that kingdom, you will have tears in your eyes. When those tears come, it means you are completely in Her kingdom. Then you need not worry even If you hold a snake. When you have tears in your eyes, it means you are in bhava. In that bhava, even if you touch a snake or tiger, it will not harm you. That is sakhi bhava.! "

" In Mother's presence, the sakhis are always in incessant dhyana. They are sakhis only if they do so, not otherwise. Is it enough if you simply claim that you are a sakhi? It's a lie, its hypocrisy! "

'Yes, Nanna. It is not necessary to announce that you are a sakhi. One can understand this by seeing you.'

Nanna was silent for some time.

'Nanna, when I go back to Guntur, I have to complete some formalities in my college as some amounts are yet to be cleared. Once I complete those works, I shall come and stay with you.?'

" You must practice to be with Mother, rather than me.. "

'Near Mother..we can concentrate more easily when we are near you.'

" That is O.K. but you must learn to be independent. Don't depend on someone. You must be a unit by itself. Then Mother will accept these units. She will select according to unit, not just any individual. For example, I became a unit. I am doing incessant.....(Nanna began to weep) always. All power....She sees this situation. "

" The sakhis are always weeping within. Though they are externally doing some work, internally their heart is always weeping. One saint, Ramesh Baba lives on the hill in Brindavan. He came to see me along with a book to note down what I would say about Radhaji. I was in a state of bhava at that time. When you are in bhava, you don't feel like talking to anyone. I don't talk in that state. He was here for one hour but I did not speak to him. He said 'Swami', once or twice but I do not even know that. He left after some time. While leaving he told Anjani Amma 'I heard about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa but today I have personally seen! Continuous incessant bhava! He said that since I was in a continuous flow of bhava, he would not speak to me and left. "

" You must not bother about what others will say. Don't care! You must never give up Mother. Mother's state is incessant bhava! Always be in Mother's kingdom. Don't ever descend from that kingdom. "

" Mother never holds Her Sakhis hands to dance with them. She is a little distant. Ashta Sakhis.....that's me! But never before did she dance holding Sakhis hands. They are called 'Ishta sakhi-with a specific name. Say you are Lalita. You must first become Lalita and then touch Mother. That's where the difference comes in-both are not the same. You first become someone and then only touch Mother. So nature has come in your way. There is some obstruction between Mother and you. Is it not? I did not want this obstruction. That's why my name was changed. Who am I now? "


" There is no obstruction between Mother and Her sakhi(me). There are no alphabets between us. I prayed to Mother that I am Radhasakhi, so I don't want any other name between us. Other than such a Mother, nothing else should be in your mind. "

'There is nothing in our mind except the Mother you told us.'

" I realized the Radha Krishna tattwa and the reason behind it. Should we not include this point in the book? "

'Please tell us about it Nanna. We are not aware of this.'

" Swayameva Nayikaroopam Dwida Vidhaya-says the Vedas. He himself became the leading lady! Now did you understand from where the Nayika emerged? The Nayika did not emerge from the Supreme Purusha tattwa. In fact that tattwa became Nayika! This is clearly explained in Vedas. It does not say that he came but became Nayika. This is true wedding! "

" Brahma did penance for several thousands of years to realize this truth. That is expressed as 'Swayameva Nayika roopam dwida Vidaya! That Nayika is Radha. So where did Radha actually emerge from? Nowhere! That Supreme Purusha tattwa became Radha! This must be explained in the book. This is the real wedding. "

" The Brahma Vaivartam mentions that Brahma did penance for several years attained the yugal darshan (duo) of Radha and Krishna and celebrated their wedding. On this basis, few people argue that Radha and Krishna are man and wife. Here Nana has so splendidly commented on their wedding! 'Swayameva nayika roopam dwidha vidhaya.' Where did Radha come from? Nowhere! That supreme tatwa became Radha. The second form is Krishna. Brahma did penance to have a darshan of Radha and Krishna who are only one tattwa in their form as single rasa. His penance fructified and he had a darshan of this rasa. After the tattwa came down to earth as duo, Brahma had their darshan as a unified form. This is the true wedding!. "

Nanna continued:

" Radha grants pleasure to Krishna. Radha is endowed with Hladini Shakti. All of you danced in Her celebrations only due to this Hladini shakti. I worship Radhaji who is endowed with Hladini shakti "

'Nanna you must write about Radha Krishna's wedding.'

" Man became woman. The supreme man in the Supreme Purusha (Man) tattwa transformed into Shakti. There is no Stri (woman) here. You can note down another verse: "

'Naivastri Napumaneshu napunsakha yaddru sareerama date tera rayujyate'

" There is neither man, woman or eunuch in this world. The concept should begin from this point. "

'Nanna, people in the world consider Radha and Krishna as man and wife. You must comment on this aspect and explain the real context of wedding.'

'Nanna said he would include it in the book Vraja rasam' Anjani Amma informed.

" He, the supreme Purusha tatwa, Krishna became Mother for the welfare of man. He became Shakti only for man's welfare. It is just a misinterpretation; there is no wedding for them. Kalyanam is a wrong term to use. It means (literally) wedding as well as upliftment. How can the term be justified? Upliftment is only for the downfallen! "

The true form of Sri Radha and Krishna is their Union. That is their wedding! Nanna said that considering them as husband and wife or lovers or even man and woman is the biggest sin that one can commit.

" I spoke about the obstacles in dhyana what are those?.. "

'The first is identification with the body. The second is the mutual attraction.'

" What is the mutual attraction? Mutual means who..? "

Man and woman.

" Is the companionship between man and woman a virtue or vice? "

'Vice, Nanna.'

" So, that's where 'kalyanam' come into the picture. There is no kalyanam beyond this. Above this level, it is 'Yogam'. How did Narada describe Mother? "

'Yoga Maya'

" He said 'Yoga Maya'. She is the personification of Yoga Maya. In the chapter of 'Rasa panchadhyyi' of Bhagawata, it is mentioned that Krishna prayed to Yoga maya. In Padma Purana, Narada praised Radha Devi as Yoga Maya. 'Kalyanam' is related only to the affectionate attraction between a man and a woman. Above this is 'Yogam'. Yogam means 'Union'. We must do such dhyana which will grant us union with the Supreme Mother. "

" We, the jeevatmas should some day reach the holy feet of Radha Rani who takes care of our welfare (Kalyanam). That is the real Kalyanam! "



Sakhi sadhan hi sakhi hi siddhi
Sakhi deti Shyama rasa buddi
Sakhi rahati mahabhav mein sada
Sakhi dikhati mahabhav ko sada

Sakhi is Sadhana; sakhi is Siddhi. Sakhi creates the thought of imbibing Shyama rasa. Sakhi is always in a state of incessant bhava. Sakhi always shows the way to attain incessant bhava.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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